Betsy DeVos Makes A Public Appearance With An Unlikely Ally Who Believes In Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos made headlines recently when she decided to make a public appearance with a man who holds many different views than she does. This man is Armando Christian Perez, but most people know him by his rapper name, which is Pitbull. DeVos showed up to make an appearance with Pitbull at one of the three charter schools he founded recently in the state of Florida. DeVos is known for her support of charter schools and has fought hard in Michigan to help expand the amount of charter schools in the state.


Betsy DeVos checked in with Pitbull at his charter school named Slam! after going on a whirlwind tour of many other charter schools in Florida. Slam stands for sports leadership and management and takes on students who are in sixth grade all of the way to 12th grade. Before visiting the school, and making the appearance with Pitbull, DeVos had already visited a private Christian school, a couple of higher education institutions, and a public school. She also made a trip to an all-girls charter school in the nation’s capital where she was joined by first lady Melania Trump and Queen Rania of Jordan.


Betsy DeVos has remained dedicated to improving America’s school system for many years through the passing of important legislation and the expansion of charter and private schools. She joined a movement known as the educational choice movement many decades ago in order to fight against what she, and many others, see as an injustice. She joined the movement for many different reasons, and one of these reasons had to do with a school named Potter’s House Christian School. She had visited the school many years ago and was surprised when she discovered that many of the parents who sent their kids there were struggling to make ends meet because they could barely afford the tuition fees.


Instead of simply shaking her head and moving on with her life, Betsy DeVos made the decision to do something. She started out by donating her own money to help cover the tuition fees of select students who attended Potter’s House Christian School. This helped many families to be able to get by a little easier because of the economical hardship it helped to lift. DeVos quickly realized she would need to do more on a national level to be able to truly address the problem.


Betsy DeVos went on to found many different organizations in the educational sector that have supported the educational rights of students in the United States. She has served in leadership roles in many of these organizations and has also supported them through large monetary donations. Today, DeVos is optimistic about the educational future of students in the USA, and she plans on continuing to work hard for their rights.


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