OSI Food Solutions Continues to Grow

OSI Food Solutions is one the largest players in the global food market. It started as a meat processor, and has since branched out from its roots to become a producer of many other kinds of food products. After operating domestically since 1909, OSI is now a global supplier of food, with a strong presence in the European market. It achieved success as one of McDonald’s largest beef suppliers, and has since expanded to become one of the most important food processors in the United States. Recently, OSI Food Solutions has made several key purchases to broaden its business lines. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions purchased the Tyson Food plant in Chicago for $7.4 million. The Tyson Food plant was a longtime institution in the South Side of Chicago, and it employed almost 500 people when it previously operated.

OSI Food Solutions was able to save the jobs of approximately 250 of its workers. For OSI, the location and the size of the plant fit within its overall manufacturing plans for the area, since it is located in proximity to other OSI facilities in the Chicago region. The facility has enabled OSI to further diversity its product lines. That same year, OSI Food Solutions also purchased a controlling share of Baho Food, in furtherance of its expansion into Europe. Baho manufactures snack and deli foods and is also a meat processor and sells to both the retail and food services industries.

Baho has a long history of producing meat-based foods, along with drinks and snacks. Baho has a manufacturing presence in Germany and the Netherlands through its five operating subsidiaries, which include Henri van de Bilt and Vital Convenience. For Baho, the deal makes sense because it can leverage OSI Food Solutions’ existing relationships with both its suppliers and customers. For OSI, its acquisition of the Baho stake gives it a larger presence in Europe and enables it to broaden its product line. OSI has retained Baho’s staff and management in place, while integrating the business into OSI’s platform. Baho Food is now an integral part of OSI Europe.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Offers Life-Changing Procedures

Since starting his career in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich has made a lot of changes to the way the industry handles different things. He knows a lot about plastic surgery and how people choose it to make themselves feel better. He wants everyone to realize they have a chance to look the way they want no matter what it is they want to do to their body. He takes on hard cases and tries to always help people feel like they have a say in the way they look. For Dr. Rod Rohrich, the point of doing all this is to help people and not worry about the rest of the parts that come along with running a cosmetic surgery center.

Even though Dr. Rod Rohrich started out doing things differently, he worked to make sure he could help people understand all the options they had when it came to surgery and procedures that would help them feel better about themselves and their own bodies. Dr. Rod Rohrich always wanted people to understand they could feel good about themselves and they could try different things that would help them adjust to the way they look. Dr. Rod Rohrich does various procedures. The things he’s able to do range from simple laser procedures to complicated plastic surgery. He wants to help people and learned a lot of techniques so he’d be able to do that.

Since Dr. Rod Rohrich is the best cosmetic surgeon in Dallas, he knows he can continue serving his patients for years to come. He offers services other surgeons might not offer and that helps set him apart from other people who are in the same industry. Cosmetic surgery is better in Dallas because of Dr. Rod Rohrich. He learned the right way to help people understand these options and that’s how he continues getting a lot of business with the practice he uses. It’s his goal of helping patients that allows him to continue pushing to make things better for himself. By doing this, Dr. Rod Rohrich prepares for all the hardships that can come from being a surgeon.

The Best Way To Understand U.S. Money Reserve Is Through Its Recent AdSphere Awards

U.S. Money has consistently put itself to the test in being the best distributor of government-issued silver, platinum, and gold. The company is able to do this mainly by making sure that it has excellent customer service, outstanding product line-up and extremely talented professionals who have the skills for research and consultancy.

Such expertise would let these professionals give the best analysis of the assets for their clients. And this has consistently been the work of U.S. Money Reserve today. However, the company is not just good with their products. They’re also excellent in delivering the messages about them.

It can be said here that one of the signs that may indicate the stellar performance of U.S. Money Reserve is the fact that it won the 2018 AdSphere Awards. Such an award is a sign that AdSphere saw the excellent dedication, passion, and drive of U.S. Money Reserve to deliver its message about their products through direct-response television.

The AdSphere Awards ranked U.S. Money Reserve in the “Short Form Products” and “Infomercials” Category, which are areas in which not many companies are able to get ranked. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The award is also a recognition of how the creative team of U.S. Money Research has shown incredible talent in marketing products. It’s a hard job to sell. It’s even a harder job to sell to international markets, and U.S. Reserve is still able to do so.

About AdSphere Awards

The AdSphere Awards is the award given to various companies that have shown dedication and talent in advertising. It awards companies in various categories, including the categories of short-form products, brand/direct advertising, lead generation and infomercials that are concise and powerful. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

Through the CEO of AdSphere Joseph Gray, the team of assessors of the award-giving body analyzes several honorees and gives them the kind of recognition it wants in the various fields that they’re in. It is also safe to say that AdSphere is the most inclusive award-giving company in the DRTV industry because it is able to assess a variety of diverse categories today.

About U.S. Money Reserve

It could be said that U.S. Reserve has established its reputation, name and workforce already as one of the largest in the world in terms of being a distributor of U.S. Some of these legal tenders include gold coins, platinum and silver. It is a source of great pride of U.S. Money Reserve, too, that many clients already trust their assets with them.

Guilherme de Jesus Paulus CVC Travel Agencies Excels

Businessman Guilherme de Jesus Paulus is a founding partner of the company CVC. CVC is a public operator and travel agency birth in 1972 in San Andre. CVC is now the largest travel operator in Latin America. Paul was born in San Paulo in 1949. Paulus has a degree in Business Administration. Paulus experience in the tourism industry is 50 years old. He and Carlos Vicente, his partner created Cvc. Today his company has the largest portfolio of any market and the company venture are far above the normal travel packages. Read more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase.

Guilherme Paulus sought global investment funds that would take CVC numbers over the top in regards to tourism. He wanted to reach a higher level in tourism so he sold part of the company to the Carlyle Group in 2009. The company opened capitol on the stock exchange in 2013. CVC revenue grows two digits a year. They annually have a revenue of 5.2 billion and has plans to open up 100 stores each year.

Guilherme de Jesus Paulus founded the tour operator. The tour operator is at 400 malls of Brazil this present day. The tour operator is in commercial galleries and in 140 hypermarkets. It has already started to open stores in cities where less 60,000 people live. No type of business like this has ever done this and so they have sought to be the first to explore this niche. They have real virtual stores and buyers which is not the norm at all in this industry.

Guilherme de Jesus Paulus has worked in other businesses also. He has prospered in aviation and was doing so before he acquired a Webjet in 2006. He started with one aircraft and has since made Brazil into the third largest airline operation for 20 or more of Brazils cities. He had increased to a fleet of 20 aircraft by the time he sold the company to GOL in 2011.

The Gpj Hotels and Resorts was a network founded by Guilherme Paulus in 2005. At that time he only had one establishment. The network has and is now considered one of the largest national hotel chains for tourism and events. The plan is to grow new units in the major tourist places in Brazil which already has 14 hotels and resorts. Learn more:


DRMetrix Awards US Money Reserve Top In Category Award Second Year In A Row

Direct response television has become one way various companies have taken to explaining what they are about because it offers avenues for their target audience to respond.

DRMetrix takes into account the audience response to various television series and infomercials, and one company they’ve awarded a best in category recognition to is US Money Reserve.

US Reserve has won this award the last two years at the AdSphere Awards event, and their nomination for this award has come because they have gotten tremendous ratings for their gold and silver infomercials, and they’ve used a variety of methods to explain their company.

US Money Reserve has educated many new people on how to buy gold and silver and how they can use it to preserve their wealth.

US Money Reserve has a large collection of rare gold and silver coins as well as bars and other high value bullion. The company has over 15 years in meeting customer demands and delivering the products they advertise.

They are backed by the Better Business Bureau, and they also have partnered with organizations such as the Perth Mint.

They want their customers to understand that owning physical gold coins can give you a tangible asset that can even be used as legal tender, and one that will gain value when regular currency loses value. But it’s not just what US Money Reserve sells; it’s also who they have endorsing their products.

Along with CEO Angela Koch, US Reserve also has some of the nation’s top numismatists serving on their executive board including Philip N. Diehl, the only former US Mint Director who currently serves at a private company.

Diehl turned the Mint around so that they were operating within the budget and even brought back one of their commemorative coin programs. He’s been a featured guest on CNBC and has offered his opinion on the future of the penny and why owning gold coins is something everyone should consider.

He also gives new customers at US Reserve an introduction to the company’s products in the free gold information section of the website which points them in the right direction to buying bullion.

The US Money Reserve website has been designed to accommodate all devices and has both live updates on precious metals and also charts on the historic prices of gold. You can also get help while making a purchase, return or other transaction by using US Money Reserve’s Client-Connect Advantage app.

Igor Cornelsen and Brazilian Culture for Investors

Igor Cornelsen has managed to create a lot of interest in investing abroad. There is a simple reason for this. It has much to do with his desire to help people find a way to diversify their portfolios. If your objective is to maximize your return on investment it behooves you to pay attention to what Igor Cornelsen is talking about. He knows that there are reasons that people should invest in Latin America. A lot of this starts with the raw materials that make Brazil such a booming economy. If you are fortunate enough to get plugged into the system of the index funds that are connected to these raw material sales you have a very good chance of maximizing your return on investment.

Igor Cornelsen really knows a lot about this because he has been able to stay abreast of different changes in Brazil during his time that he worked in the banking industry. He believes that it is a great culture that is flourishing in a great way, but it is also a culture that requires you to pay much attention to it. You cannot ignore the natives and what they are interested in and expect to maximize your returns. To the contrary, Cornelsen believes that people that want to benefit from investing in Brazil should be knowledgeable about the culture and what the people are interested in. Investors that look for a possibility to invest in Brazil must be aware of just how tourism is playing a part in what is profitable for the long term investments.

It works to your advantage to have the access to a number of different options when it comes to investing. Igor Cornelsen believes that Brazil is a great alternative to America for investing because you have higher returns on investment sometimes.

Find out more about Igor Cornelsen:

Succeed and Believe with Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital started in 1996. Over 22 years of successful business helping other businesses succeed with potential expectations and beyond. Southridge capital is still going strong with their goals and expertise. They are a private firm with expertise on Security brokerage services including investment banking. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Steven M Hicks is the CEO and founder of Southridge capital. Steven found a way Enhance the potential of portfolios for over 30 years of experience. Steven was able to reach and brought Success to many companies to advance their businesses To this day plenty of productivity wouldn’t have come to these businesses hands without Southridge capital Some businesses would be under swept and unfinancially safe. Titan is one of the favorite books of Stephen M Hicks and also cryptocurrency as a unique investment to make.


Private firms like Southridge Capital seems like a great idea especially if you think your business need some assistance with his financial needs. This is the place to go especially if you’re located in Connecticut. To be able to get a private firm business off the ground and start growing, spreading throughout the business world, 22 years of success and still growing strong Is a major accomplishment! Successful expectations, if I had a business that was meaningful and with heart soul and needed a push, to see which way I could go, I would visit Southridge just to see what they had to look at my portfolio. I know my business future would be bright and their hands.Small firms seem to come out big because they focus directly on their clients and make sure the portfolios are in good shape. I do recommend Southbridge capital based on what they have to give to businesses that ask for their assistance. Knowledge goes a long way with Southridge capital. Experience comes in hand Success shows with patience and guidance which is relevant with this company.



Read more:


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Heal And Soothe Can Help You Feel Better


When you use something like Heal And Soothe, you can make sure that you’re getting the best opportunity for your body. Heal And Soothe knows how to make you feel better and there are things in the supplement that are supposed to help people feel like they’re healing. The idea behind it is to make sure you can get the best results possible and to ensure you’re getting everything you need from the options you have. It’s important to focus on how you use it so you make sure you’re doing it the right way. Without following the correct instructions, you could risk not using it the right way.


Makers of  Heal And Soothe; LivingWell Nutraceuticals are firm believers that Mother Nature provides the best ingredients, and fortunately, more vitamin and nutraceutical companies are coming around to this way of thinking.


There are benefits that come with taking care of your health and they will make you feel better about yourself. Most of the benefits that you can get from taking care of yourself will allow you to feel as though you are a better person. It’s a necessary part of your health to focus on how you can start feeling better and how you can make the most out of every situation you’re in. By doing this, you’re giving yourself the best chance at a good future. It is also a good idea to focus on how you can make positive changes in the way you treat your own body.


There have been many ways in which people can help themselves feel better. If you’re always trying to do your best and make your health a priority, things like Heal And Soothe could help you start feeling good about your body and good about the things you put into your body. It’s a wise idea to focus on how you can help yourself and how you can make sure you’re not going to suffer damage as a result of problems that could hurt you. Visit This Page for additional information.


Trying something like Heal And Soothe will give you the chance to make your life better and will also make things easier for everyone who is around you. You’ll need to focus on how you can help make your body better and how you can do a good job of promoting positive healing for yourself. Read more How Heal-n-Soothe Has Changed the Supplement Industry



“Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Improving Health With Every Bottle”

Known as a magnificent tropical paradise, Hawaii is surrounded by beauty and natural resources. Which includes its volcanic water filled with numerous vitamins and minerals essential for one’s overall health. Which is the main reason people are switching from name brand spring water to Waiakea Hawaii  Volcanic water! Dedicated to providing consumers with optimum products, Waiakea uses only the purest volcanic water in their bottles.

Waiakea bottled water is the freshest available in today’s market, with an alkaline pH level of 8.8. It’s guaranteed and backed up by the company one hundred percent of the way. Helping improve a person’s health while detoxifying it at the same time. Devoted to assisting humanity, Waiakea has donated a good majority of their bottled volcanic water to various charitable organizations. They’re also an environmentally aware company, using only degradable materials in the manufacturing of their Hawaiian volcanic water.

After receiving some inspiration 2012, Ryan Emmons became the founder and CEO of Waiakea bottled water company. Growing up surrounded by nature’s beauty, Ryan was an environmentally conscious individual who cared about the world in which he lived. During a venture at his Uncle’s home in Hawaii, Emmons came across a natural water source located at the bottom of a volcano. Deciding to see what it tasted like, proceeded to drink the water. After doing so, fell head over heals in love with its purity. Figuring if he enjoyed the taste of this amazing Hawaiian volcanic water, then everyone else surely will.

The idea for Waiakea originated while Ryan Emmons was visiting his Uncle’s home in Hawaii. Deciding to try it out for himself, Ryan drank the volcanic water there and knew he could never go back to drinking regular water ever again. Taking his knowledge about volcanic water benefits and spreading the good news around the world to others. Therefore, creating Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water!

End Citizens United

End Citizens United is an American activist group that specializes in a unique subset of political conversation. The group can trace its origins back to the 2008 presidential election. During the tail end of the voting season, a conservative organization known as Citizen’s United won a legal case that allowed for conglomerates and billionaires to funnel gross amounts of money into political figures campaigns.

End Citizens United is the direct response to that ruling, as the group is dedicated to fighting against billionaires and big businesses using their economic resources to get unlawful and anti-consumer programs through the political system. The group argues that the ruling undermines the sanctity of the American political institution, and often results in decisions and figureheads being put into place that work against the better interest of the American people. As such, the group identifies itself as a nonprofit, philanthropic organization. The group has assembled a number of experienced and passionate individuals, well versed in a large number of subjects, such as law, political science, and sociology. Online news outlet has published an extensive write-up regarding the organization and recent events surrounding them. More specifically, the group is tackling the controversial “Anything Goes” mentality frequently found in American campaign finance. In challenging this issue head-on, End Citizens United hopes to create a spark of change that creates positive effects of the American political landscape in the coming years.

End Citizens United identifies as a liberal organization. As such, they are vehemently opposed to the current state of Washington. The group seeks to create a message of positivity and education in the tumultuous landscape created by the Trump administration. In doing so, the group believes it will create a public that is more receptive to the lofty goals it has taken as its mission statement. As details, the group’s mission statement is to overturn the ruling found in the infamous 2008 case, Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission. The negative aspects of this case are numerous: large conglomerates no longer need to reveal which candidates they are backing, or those who they are providing millions of dollars, Additionally, federal law will no longer hold these individuals accountable for the actions of constituents. End Citizens United believes this creates a political atmosphere that is founded on dishonesty, underhanded tactics, and anti-consumers ideologies. The organization fights back against this atmosphere every day, and in doing works towards creating a political system that works for the people, rather than against it.

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