Ara Chackerian Introduces Radiology Outpatient Services for Psychiatric patients

Ara Chackarian reputation is rare in the competitive market. The businessman is a top executive in American, known for his philanthropic deeds over the years. Currently living in San Francisco, the businessman has a name because of the successful ventures that are registered under his name. The community based initiatives he has founded over the years have also earned him a good position in the society. Chackerian ventured into healthcare field when he was very young, and he has set up many technology health centers with the primary aim of helping all people to access medication anytime they are not feeling well. In Bay Area, Chackerian has been fortunate to be appointed by popular organizations in their boards. His expertise in handling environmental and youth initiatives has also given him many positions in the market.

In the recent times, a good number of people have died because they chose to end their lives. Suicide is now becoming the order of the day in all nations. The cause of suicide in most cases is depression, a medical condition that most people have failed to address in the recent years. Depression is always associated with people who are weak, and it can have adverse effects to be people who do not have a great support system. Before most people end up committing suicide, they might show some signs of depression, while others hide their feelings until it is too late. To see ore you can checkout


Ara Chackerian, an experienced medical expert who has been in healthcare for decades, has seen the need of having effective treatment options for the people who have been struggling with depression and many other cases of mental diseases. The businessman, getting help from a close friend and partner, decided to introduce an outpatient radiology center that will help to diagnose the patients who are struggling with mental diseases. The venture has already been successful in handling many American based patients. The businessman wants to expand the radiology services to more patients who are searching for psychiatric help all over the world. Serving the community is one of the things that Ara Chackerian is passionate about, and he is happy to help the mental patients. You can checkout for more details.


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