Fortress Investment Group Afforded Peter Briger Greater Investment Freedom

Michael Milken was vilified for his development and interest in the then-evolving junk bond market in New York. Gone are the days of elitest investing and not every company that falls into disarray needs to be shut down, but for a long time, that is exactly what would happen. There is beauty in distressed equities and debt and not every company, which may be experiencing a financial problem, need to be relegated to the dustbin of history. Investing in these companies helps the entire economy and the markets. The less companies are allowed to fail, the better off everything is for everyone. Failing companies are a blemish on any country’s balance sheet and some support might get them back on their feet.

That said, banks and brokerages almost disproportionately cannot be involved in investing in struggling enterprises because they cannot afford to carry the risk. Peter Briger, once a long-time employee of Goldman Sachs in New York, got himself into a tributary with that firm where he was able to collect and trade distressed debt. The good that he did by getting into this largely unknown, somewhat risky, and often-times ignored sector of the economy likely could never be quantified.

Perhaps not entirely altruistic, this kind of investing undoubtedly has a place in the world of investing. Institutional investing in distressed debt is a way to both make money for the firm while essentially tossing a financial “hail Mary” to a company that has likely fallen down. Peter Briger is an artist when it comes to finding opportunities in this little-understood sector. His talent has been celebrated by launching him onto Forbes billionaires list and the notoriety he has received for his work, but this is likely not what galvanizes Peter Briger. To know more about him click here.

The love of the work that he does is about the only thing that keeps him going and making one smart move after another. In part, if the position he takes is large enough, the investment can become the likes of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The company with the distressed debt does benefit in a little bump of support in a sea of finger-waggers. Much like those who told Milken he was wrong, so goes the general sentiment toward distressed investing still today. In the exciting New York investment banking world, Peter Briger positioned himself well and is helping both Fortress Investment Group and the companies with distressed recognized a better, more lucrative path going forward.

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Todd Levine Outstanding Skills in Commercial Real Estate Ligation


Todd Levine is the CEO and co-founder of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L. He is among the most esteemed commercial lawyers in the US and handles a broad range of complex business disputes. Todd specializes in commercial estate litigation, and his clients often comprise lending institutions, real estate brokers, contractors, and subcontractors who encounter conflicts that arise from real estate ventures and transactions.

Todd Levine noted that there will always be disputes in business-related issues regardless of the state of the economy, whether booming or recessive. The significant difference between modern litigation and the past is the kind of disputes. There was lots of litigation over distressed assets after an economic breakdown and financial crisis. This led to heated disputes between members who were fighting over scraps of economic crash remnants. In the modern stable and stronger economy, Todd Levine, through Kluger and Kaplan, is experiencing high ownership disputes as members fight to get a more significant share of profits.

For the past 20 years, there have been tremendous developments in technology. The technological advancements served as the best platform for lawyers to enhance their productivity and efficiency. Todd has been specific in how he implements these technologies to improve his services and boost his analysis for the cases that he tackles with Kluger Kaplan. The new technology allows Todd to seek relevant and relative examples in the states, federal and global court. This way, lawyers can locate and differentiate the necessary legal process for every case.

Todd Levine also employs technological tools to manage huge documents more efficiently based on evidence. This is a better way compared to the previous mechanism that involved manual document checking. It was time-consuming and required more effort. Technology allows them to develop an easily scannable and searchable database, which definitely cuts on cost and saves a lot of time.

Todd Levine is a holder of finance and Law degrees. He has maintained a great title in the United States due to his exceptional skills in law. Amazingly, he works with a well-versed team that specializes in different cases, which makes a great combination.

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Fortress Investment Group Founder and Chairman Wes Edens

Wes Edens had made a name for himself in the business world. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and executives in the financial services industry. Edens is the co founder and chairman of the leading alternative asset management firm known as Fortress Investment Group. As a leading executive and entrepreneur, Wes has been able to make Fortress a highly active organization when it comes to completing major investment transactions. One of the most recent transactions made by the firm has been its acquisition with SoftBank. Along with being the chairman of Fortress Investment Group in New York, Wes has also spent many years as an executive for a couple of other financial services firms. He is also a part owner of two major professional sports franchises.

In the mid 1980’s, Wes Edens completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance at Oregon State University. Once he completed his educational programs, he went on to begin his career by working at California Savings & Loan. For a couple of years he worked at this financial institution to get some initial entry level experience in the field. He would then move on to pursue other opportunities at firms such as Lehman Brothers, Smith Barney and BlackRock Financial Management.

After a brief stint at California Savings & Loan, Wes Edens worked at Smith Barney and Lehman Brothers in New York. While he was at Lehman Brothers, Wes got some more experience in the financial sector by assisting clients with mergers and acquisitions. He also helped them find ways to better manage investment portfolios as well. His experience at these two firms allowed him to develop some leadership skills as he was in charge of certain departments.

In 1993, Wes left Lehman Brothers in order to begin working at a startup firm called BlackRock Financial Management. While working as a member of BlackRock Financial Management, Wes continued to work in a managerial role leading the firm. For five years he was one of the firm’s top executives. He would go on to start up Fortress Investment Group in the late 1990’s.

Todd Levine is a Distinguished and Professional Lawyer

Todd Levine is a famous lawyer in the US. He is highly skilled in handling business cases. He specializes in various disputes like property managers, real estate, and sports, among others. Most of his cases are financial-related.

Todd has unique skills that make him special and successful. He has an incredible educational background with two degrees in Finance and Law. Todd is also passionate about art, music, and science, which equips him with unique skills that make him unique. He is a great lawyer in Florida, especially in business cases, due to his tremendous achievements.

Todd Levine has a successful background. His ability to naturally simplifying complex matters makes him a specialist in commercial litigation. In the initial stages of his career, he was put set on a complicated case, which helped him discover his unique skills and talent. He kept on seeking for complex cases to strengthen his skills.

Todd Levine’s day to day life varies since he specializes in complicated cases. During an interview with ideamensch, he affirmed that he has no typical days since, for him, every day is busy. He has to plan and set priorities right for weeks and months in advance. The lifestyle significantly helps always to keep his clients fully satisfied.

Todd Levine’s strength is that he always ensures he is ever-ready for all meetings with his clients. Todd has a firm belief that this it’s the primary key to winning over any case. This also helps in prioritizing and maximally satisfying his clients.

Todd Levine advises you to identify and practice what you love most. The quicker you realize what you love most and specialize, the more your demand grows. Finally, you won’t need to search for jobs as clients will be searching for you instead.

Todd Levine also affirms that lawyers should be ready for anything. With more involvement in legal matters, Todd improved his thinking ability and became an incredible developer of creative solutions.

Todd Leven is the CEO and the co-founder of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Lavine, P.L. He also uses Wesley and Eclipse to serve his clients.

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Jack Plotkin’s Future in Telehealth

Jack Plotkin

There are dreamers and then there are doers out there. Jack Plotkin is an individual that does everything in his power each day to innovate the telehealth market. We have seen a major influx of telehealth services that have been implemented in various medical field settings over the year. Jack has been at the forefront of this ongoing battle to provide more services to hospitals that can help more people in an incredibly efficient way. However, Jack has only just begun to get to work in the medical field. He has an extensive background in healthcare with over twenty years of service for healthcare companies. He has since become a leader in the industry who wants to make the healthcare field better for patients and practitioners alike.

Jack PlotkinJack original attended college in Harvard many years ago where he would find his calling in life. It is here that he would explore the arts and begin to develop his critical thinking skills to think outside of the box. This was imperative for his upbringing at the time and would propel him forward in life as an industry leader. Jack has always been an individual who steps up to the plate whenever a challenge is presented towards him. This would help him power through the healthcare industry whenever large-scale problems would present themselves. Though he had all of the training that he could get from schooling, nothing would prepare him for the real-life obstacles that happen to everyone. His work would get him the attention of higher-ups that would promote him to healthcare consulting. 

Jack approaches complex situations with simple solutions. He believes that all problems can be solved by simplifying them into more digestible parts. The future is looking bright for Jack Plotkin as he begins to simplify modern problems that most healthcare professionals face utilizing the power of telehealth solutions. 

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Maarten De Jeu and Commercial Investing

Maarten De Jeu is a successful real estate investor. He uses investment strategies to make money off of real estate and fulfill both long and short terms goals. He knows there are some benefits to investing in commercial real estate and is looking to share these with others that are looking to make money.

 Commercial real estate will give additional advantages to investors. Many people think that this is only available to those with a high income but now individual investors can pull their money together to invest in commercial real estate properties.

 Commercial real estate investing is the purchase of a property with the intent to use it to make a profit. Commercial real estate buildings can include warehouses, apartment complexes, retail space, and areas that will be used for manufacturing. Commercial properties are often large and they are more expensive to purchase than residential properties. This is why most investors do not enter the commercial market. There have been some changes to the law that will allow individuals to have part ownership in commercial properties and use them for investment purposes.

 In 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startup was passed allowing people to get together and invest in a commercial property. A person can invest in this property with as little as $5,000 and they will share in the sale of the property with the other investors. A person can also retain their ownership in the property and they can collect monthly interest payments on their investment. Maarten De Jeu recommends investing this type of property for the higher return on their investment and the higher the resale value of this property. Learn more:

 Commercial real estate can be a smart investment because these properties release sees a depreciation. The property will often hold its value and even increase over time. These properties do not need as much maintenance and some laws are not as strict for residential properties. Renting the space will also allow an investor to see a return on the money they invested.

 Maarten De Jeu has an MBA from the University of Oxford and has a strong background in business. He has ranked first-class in his studies and has built his career in international business, working in financial services, and investing in commercial real estate properties. He is not willing to give other investors tips so they can make money off of commercial real estate investing.

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OSI Food Solutions: Success And Meat Processing

OSI Food Solutions is known to millions by the meat they process for McDonald’s. They’ve been in business for decades. Their main service is providing meat to all retail and food companies across the world. They have their headquarters located in the small town of Aurora, Illinois. Today, the company has expanded to nearly 17 countries where they have over 65 plants. OSI Food Solutions continues its growth as a supplier with a global demand that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Their food products are distributed to some of the top food businesses many of us frequent. As a private food company, OSI Food Solutions has a list of resources to ensure their meat processing stays on par for what’s expected at the end of distribution. The organization is also in the business of developing new food products for the market. Their staff of nearly 20,000 helps them keep up with demand in various countries. OSI Food Solutions has always made a strong commitment to deliver and make food that stands up to quality and safety. For an organization in business for an impressive 100 years, that says a lot.

OSI Food Solutions began with the goal of a immigrant from Germany by the name of Otto Kolschowsky. His idea started as a family business while operating in Oak Park within Illinois. After migrating from Germany, he was successful in creating his company after a mere two years of landing in the United States. It was back in 1917, when the organization took a turn upward and stared to expand it’s services and products. The wholesale meat business found itself now in the close town of Maywood. While in this Chicago city, they decided to change the name to Otto & Sons. It didn’t take long for them to etch out a name for themselves among the local community. Their reputation grew quickly and so did the demand. Both Gerry and Harold Kolschowsky and Sheldon Lavin are credited with OSI’s expansion in the next few years. It was in 1955, when the business struck it’s first big contract with McDonald’s as their sole meat distributor. The relationship has lasted for years. They were supplying the beloved beef patties to millions of awaiting customers to all the restaurants around the world. As the 1960s rolled around, OSI was still assisting the hamburger chain with what’s called cryogenic food processing. This was the new way of freezing fresh food for later delivery.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the great grandson of Hermogenes Lopez whom was the president in the 19th century. Lopez has two undergraduate degrees which have allowed him to become successful in today’s society. He has worked in both South America and Africa with high-tech opportunities. Lopez is one who brings different approaches to already established business models. His smartness in technology has allowed him to travel across the world and expand his career into places like the European Union throughout Spain.

Lopez started out being the manager at several different businesses and then from there became so smart to advance on his own entrepreneur journey. Taken what he learned he branched out to focus on his own path, and partner with some of the most successful people known throughout the industry.

For more information about Alejandro Betancourt Lopez , view his Crunchbase profile.

One of his own companies founded was O’Hara Administration. This was a management company that has a stake that’s invested in vehicles. Not only did Alejandro Betancourt Lopez found the O’Hara Administration but Lopez also helped with the BDK Group. This group was responsible for developing bank service in Africa. This was a huge accomplishment for Lopez. Not only was it an accomplishment but also a challenge that he overcame.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had already received many accomplishments and helped several businesses get their feet off the ground but that didn’t stop him. In 2016 he partnered with Hawkers and invested fifty million euros into the startup of their sunglasses company. His strategy of creating a business model based on innovative and user-friendly market has helped him succeed in so many ways. Still as a young may with many more years, goals and accomplishments to go Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is steady winning in life, the industry and has made a name for himself. His career and business investments has helped him get ahead, establish business models, and helped others to become successful.


Billionaire Bhanu Choudhrie Remains Humble In Spite of All His Accomplishments

The founder and executive director of C&C Alpha Group is a dynamic man with an equally strong presence that makes all eyes turn on him once he steps into a room. With Bhanu Choudhrie’s striking good looks and charm, he readily disarms people with his smile. Bhanu founded his company in the year 2002, and since then, he has worked passionately to take things to a higher level, which has earned him and the company stellar feedback from various clients all around the world. He has put his investments in various industries spanning a broad range from hospitality, aviation, hotel, arms trading, healthcare, real estate, venture capital, and more. All of these works have garnered him awards, the most notable one being the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s other favorite company is called the Apha Aviation Academy with several campuses around the world. This is because he used to fancy himself as a pilot when he was young. Because he was unable to earn his own wings to fly a commercial jet, he set up this educational institution with the goal of helping others achieve their dreams. Bhanu has been noted for supporting many students who are struggling financially, so that they can finish their flight education and begin their work as navigators in the sky.

This very generous man is thrilled when he sees other people achieve success. It is his way of giving back for his life has been infinitely blessed. His father, Sudhir Choudhrie, is an Indian Billionaire with investments in Delhi, London, and other parts of the world. Because of this, Bhanu Choudhrie had the best training from the one of the most qualified teachers in the world. His dad has been giving him entrepreneurial lessons since he was a young boy.

Bhanu Choudhrie enjoyed bonding with his father, so he appreciated their time together. Because of this, Bhanu also grew passionate about entrepreneurship, so he decided to pursue a business degree with an emphasis on international marketing in Boston University. From there, he found employment in JP Morgan, so he could begin work without the influence of his family. He wanted to prove to them that he can reach success out of his own merit. Later on, because of his hard work and accomplishments, Bhanu Choudhrie was accepted to the prestigious Harvard Business School. Acceptance to this institution is no mean feat, with the strict admissions process. Bhanu may be proud of his accomplishments, but he continues to remain humble. Learn More:

Prevagen: An exciting way to Improving brain function

Research has shown that the key to aging well is physical exercise and proper nutrition. Prevagen is a popular dietary supplement that has been proven to help with mild memory loss.

Prevagen looks very promising as an oral nutritional supplement to promote brain function. Over 90 days, Prevagen was shown to improve specific cognitive aspects. This result was achieved in a clinical study that was placebo-controlled, double-blinded, and computer assessed.

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In a separate clinical study, Prevagen was shown to improve memory in a sub-group of adults with mild cognitive impairment. Several studies have linked mental fitness with physical activity. These studies have shown that physical activity is an excellent way to prepare for creative projects, exams, and interviews.

Physical exercise has been shown to protect the brain from age-related cognitive decline. The link between physical and mental fitness has long been associated with the hippocampus. It is a part of the limbic system involved with the regulation of motivation levels, emotion, learning, and memory.

Controlled studies among varied age groups have shown that this region of the brain grows as people gain fitness. One such study showed that a physical exercise, particularly cycling or walking, during a learning program helped improve memory retention.

A study conducted among school children showed that a few minutes of aerobics in between lessons significantly improved their attention span. In a more extensive review of the same demographic, sports classes after school helped children achieve better fitness levels and reduced distraction.

The amount of exercise required to realize this was surprisingly just 10 minutes. Between 30-45 minutes of brisk walking thrice a week can significantly improve and preserve cognitive function.

To help restore the aging brain, exercises such as dancing and weightlifting have shown positive results. Physical activities have been shown to have a positive impact on mood.

Runner’s high is a feeling of elation that comes after intense physical exercise. Scientists have demonstrated that runner’s high is a real phenomenon.

Socialization is also an excellent way to promote brain function. Activities that incorporate both socialization and exercise, such as walking with friends or bike riding, are great for physical and mental health. The growth of new neurons in the brain improves with mental exercise. Games and puzzles are another way to keep the mind active.

According to research, keeping the mind active helps preserve cognitive function. Activities such as games and puzzles may help slow mental problems and memory loss. A study involving over 2,800 adults aged 65 and above, focused on brain training. Those involved in the study were subjected to 10 hour long brain-training sessions for around 5 to 6 weeks.

These sessions revolved around memory and reasoning tactics, as well as the speed of information processing. The improvement in these skills was shown to last at least five years.

Everyday tasks were also improved. Study subjects showed improved ability to manage money and do routine housework duties. Exercising every day can do wonders for the body and the mind.

In all its forms, exercising can improve brain function and brainpower. It can also improve the odds of living a healthy and productive lifestyle.

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Adding a nutritional supplement like Prevagen can provide a boost for your brain. This dietary supplement has also been shown to improve memory and memory function.

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