Sergey Petrossov Disrupts the Aviation Industry with Technological Breakthroughs

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter was started in 2012 by Sergey Petrossov who also serves as its CEO. Established with a mission to make private jet travel more affordable and seamless, JetSmarter has grown to become the largest private aviation community. The company moves more annual passengers like no other in the industry. The app makes private jet travel more convenient, cheaper and accessible through proprietary algorithms, shared flight services, and advanced mobile technology.

JetSmarter and XO, the largest private aviation company in North America, to establish an alternative to the dated and overpriced services provided in the private aviation industry today. XO sets the pace in the commercial aviation industry with unmatched flight experience as well as competitive pricing. As a result of the efforts of Sergey Petrossov, the two companies have become prominent in North America. He has been listed in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2016 along with earning ‘One of South Florida’s Top Working Professionals’ title.

In 2009, Petrossov came into the realization that a typical airplane flew for only 200 hours a year. He saw the potential of the airplanes flying an average of 1200 hours. He embarked on a journey to leverage the time not being utilized to lower private jet traveling costs. He also realized that people could share a private jet reducing the traveling costs further. As a result, JetSmarter came into existence to create a new lifestyle for people while democratizing private aviation by making it more affordable as well as accessible.

JetSmarter is connected to more than 3200 different planes across the world and can charter a plane into over 172 different countries. The company also has 42 routes across the world including routes to the U.S. If you look into their clientele, cost-effectiveness is not the only factor their members are after. They are also after the lifestyle perspective. The clientele looks to avoid the stress and time wastage involved with the airport experience. Some people are willing to pay more to get the convenience and effectiveness that comes with JetSmarter. The idea which came about when Sergey Petrossov was traveling using a private jet for the first time in South Florida informed the creation of one of the most disruptive and innovative companies in North America’s aviation industry.

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Luke Lazarus a Highly Successful Businessman and Business Consultant

Luke Lazarus is a renowned Australian based startup business consultant and an accomplished serial entrepreneur. Lazarus entrepreneurship journey began while he was still a young boy, and by the age of 35 years, Lazarus had achieved what many entrepreneurs would have desired to achieve. By the age of 35 years, Lazarus had successfully built four businesses that he sold off earning millions of dollars.

Lazarus by the age of 35 years was completely financially independent and could spend the rest of his life, enjoying the wealth that he created.

Luke Lazarus, after achieving all his goals in the world of entrepreneurship, decided that it was time that he uses his skills and knowledge in helping others create wealth. As a result, he decided to venture into business consultancy and help early-stage growth startups with successful business tips. Lazarus is an alma mater of the local but highly regarded Melbourne School of Business. At the school, Lazarus pursued an MBA.

Lazarus from an interview was asked what he used for marketing research as a business consultant. In his response, Lazarus says what he does before advising his clients; he first carefully studies the different market segments, including the factors that influence them. After critically analyzing them, Lazarus gets into a position where he can confidently advise his clients on the essential variables they need to look at before launching a new product or business venture into the market.

Lazarus also has a deep understanding of the expanding influence of the e-commerce sector on scalable business models, and he is able to accurately advice business owners on what to expect from clients as well as competitors. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO

Luke Lazarus typical days are usually busy and full of meetings with clients and staff members in his business. Lazarus to remain productive begins his days meditating. Lazarus each day spends around 10-15 minutes meditating. After that, Lazarus prepares himself and sets out for the office. Lazarus spends his day multitasking on various assignments to make every moment of his day count. Lazarus says there are times that clients require him to work on their project for eight or more hours.

At such times Lazarus says he commits his entire time working on the client project and ensures he remains as productive as possible. Another way through which Lazarus maintains his productiveness is adhering to organize his time and day. He sets an agenda and also puts every task into writing. According to Lazarus, writing down all his assignments as well as planning for his time has enabled him to stay on track and be productive round the clock.

One advice that Luke Lazarus has for the younger people is that they should not be in a rush in doing things; they should worry less and be confident and believe in themselves. Lazarus, as a young person remembers a lot being a worried man who was full of anxiety.

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True Community Servants Kisling Nestico & Redick

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a local Ohio law firm that was founded in 2005. The firm is currently Ohio’s largest personal injury law firm and the fastest growing. The firm’s success just speaks in the cash recovery numbers. To date Kisling Nestico & Redick has recovered more than 450 million dollars from settlements and jury trials. The firm currently has 10 locations throughout the state of Ohio that employs a total of over a hundred and thirty people.

They employ 30 attorneys and over 100 support staff. The firm can connect with a personal injury client because one of their own Rob Nestico has had a horrible experience as a teenager with insurance companies. He was severely injured in an accident and the insurance company took advantage of his immigrant parents and did not settle the claim. Personal injury cases hit home and that is why the firm fights hard for every client that they represent.

Kisling Nestico & Redick gives back to the community regularly through their organization called KNR Cares.The organization has been around for 12 years volunteering and making financial donations around the state of Ohio. This year the organization set a goal to complete 12 months of giving.

The full name of the organization is called KNR Cares About Kids and the organization has dedicated 2019 to uplifting the kids around the Ohio area. Some children from lower-income families cannot afford bike helmets all the time so KNR Cares About Kids organization gave away 525 bike helmets in the month of June, which was also the national safety month. The organization gave away 25 helmets at a social media giveaway, then donated 300 helmets to camp goers at Youngstown YMCA, and then donated 200 helmets to the Toledo YMCA.

Kisling Nestico & Redick are one of the few law firms that are actively involved in the community throughout their entire state. The fact that they have an organization such as KNR Cares About Kids speaks volumes of the firm. When you help children you are helping the future leaders of our country. So the community work that they do is just breathtaking.

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Sheldon Lavin Enjoys Putting Together Plans And Bringing Them To Life

Sheldon Lavin studied accounting and finance in college but knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur, so he decided to get involved in the things that he knew about first and that ended up working out for him. He became a financial consultant, and he worked in the food production world to help companies thrive. And, he was able to make a connection with Otto & Sons during his time as a financial accountant, and that is when his career took off.

Sheldon Lavin had success with the first enterprise that he started because he knew that it was important to keep scaling in mind. He built his companies quickly and that helped him to gain success with them. And, he always made sure to plan ahead of time so that he could have continued success with them. Sheldon Lavin says that when he first took the position with Otto & Sons, he wasn’t fully confident in his ability to work with the company and that he knows that many people deal with confidence issues. But, he overcame his issues and ended up becoming a big part of the company’s success.

One of the ways that Sheldon Lavin makes sure that he is successful with his business ventures is by incorporating technology into all that he does. He makes sure to keep up with it and to use it to his advantage when running his business. He also says that part of the reason why he has had a successful career is that he has been planning ahead since he was a young man. He knows what needs to come next and works hard until he reaches his goals. And he says that he enjoys putting together his plans and making them come to life one step at a time.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Giveaway Bike Helmets For Bicycle Safety

At times personal injury is something that can be avoided with a little preparation and mindfulness. For personal injury law firm Kisling, Nestico & Redick, this can mean watching out for obvious things, like making sure your auto insurance is up to date, to small things, like wearing a helmet while riding your bike.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, only about one in five Ohioan children wear a helmet when out riding their bicycles. Kisling, Nestico & Redick sought to do something about that.

In June, during National Safety Month, KNR Cares, the charitable arm of the Kisling, Nestico & Redick law firm donated more than 500 helmets across their home state. First through a social media giveaway to 25 entrants. 300 made their way to YMCA of Youngstown for children at their summer camp. Another 200 were given to YMCS of Toledo, supplementing their Safe Routes to School Initiative, helping children get to and from school safely.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is an injury law firm based in Akron, Ohio. With more than 400 years of combined legal experience, this law firm has helped thousands of clients through the legal process of personal injury. An attorney and a pair of paralegals are assigned to every client, placing their needs at the forefront of each case. Advising clients on the best course of action every step of the way and maintaining open channels of communication allows them offer the best outcome possible, and that level of dedication allows this growing law firm to retain a personal feel.

Success for their clients has resulted in referrals that’s allowed Kisling, Nestico & Redick to sprawl throughout Ohio, making them a law firm with local knowledge regardless of the region. That relationship with communities continues with KNR Cares, their active philanthropy office and the many functions they carry out.

Properly Marketing One’s Product In A Digital World

Steve Lesnard was great in explaing smart ways in correctly marketing one’s next greatest product. He goes through two different but yet intelligent, key principles of how to keep things simple while showing people the unique consumer experince they want to bring to life in marketing their product. How will your product look like when finished? What does your product do? How does your product function? It is these types of special elements that can be put in certain ways that can energize the method you decide to choose. Like using certain videos placing your product in the right context while outlining the best features that you really want to be remembered for have never been more powerful with today’s smart and intelligent tools. Steve Lesnard goes on to tell important ways in keeping things simple and focused in a world that is quickly going digital and technocratic. When you decide to venture off on your next newest product to market, why don’t you ask yourself what the most creative and smart ways are to bring your product to life. Who may be the best leaders to help broadcast your creative messege and what is the general consumer benefit out there that you really specifically want to be remembered for. The Peleton brand is a great example of someone keeping their product very simple but yet smart and innovative at the same time. Peleton was able to succesfully bring a modern and futuristic indoor cycling machine into people’s homes across America and now have many happy and satisified customers because of this. Steve Lesnard truly believes that great product introductions emphasize clear and proper consumer benefits, outlining what is greater. Mr. Steve Lesnard does a great job in articulating two key principles in properly marketing one’s product in a digital world.

Ted Bauman: Finance Education

Ted Bauman is an editor at Banyan Hill. He has been working at Banyan Hill for about six years. His job in the company is to create articles for his readers that are related to asset protection, privacy, international migration, and low-risk investment. Banyan Hill’s readers are able to receive information through the Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. Ted Bauman provides people with the information required to thrive in the United States economy as well a the global economy. People have taken an interest in the economy as a whole. Through research and knowledge in finance, Bauman has been able to help his viewers who need his assistance.

A lot of work goes into the writing that Ted Bauman does. He works from home, so his work and home colliding could cause problems for him, but he has found a strategy to make sure that he stays on top of his work. During the hours that he designates to work, he makes sure that he is only doing work. He does not let any outside forces disrupt the work that he is doing. He is expected to put out quality work, so he does not forfeit his quality for anything. The sets the proper time aside for all of the things in his life that he needs his attention. He takes special care of each element at its time. See more on

Ted Bauman has many ways that he is able to appeal to his audience. One way that Bauman has been able to appeal to his audience is through realistic narratives. He noticed that significant, complicated writing would not keep his writers attention, so he makes sure to use relatable topics in his writing. The better the readers understand, the more beneficial his work becomes. The information that people take for the articles that he writes has the ability to affect them negatively and positively. He makes sure to explain his work in a way that leads people to make the best choice possible for them. Many people are able to live better lives because of Bauman’s advice.

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How Agera Energy Works for Customers

With a large customer base around the nation, Agera Energy has become one of the most prominent energy companies around. They work with customers to offer both electricity as well as fuel, so you can feel confident in what needs to be done in your office or home. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

You can get to know the Agera Energy company and see why this particular option has been a true choice for lots of individuals. You can get to know more about this choice by seeing what is available to you.


There are a lot of reasons to think about choosing Agera Energy and it is important that you read the many reviews online as well as visit the Agera Energy Facebook page where you can connect with others who may want or need to look into this choice for themselves. Give this company a try and see why they are a trusted option for many. Follow Agera Energy on


Working with

The blog at has a lot of great information for customers that want to know how the company operates. The company also shows how they operate. They posted in their blog to demystify the procurement process so customers can understand how they operate. This larger retailer is looking to help others meet the needs of their customers and want to be a one stop shopping solution. this makes the site easier to use and for businesses that are willing to work with they can save money while getting the supplies that they need quickly. A business of any size can work with and they can fill both large and small orders in no time.

In business, many people need to work with several suppliers to get everything that they need. When they work with they can get all of the products that they need in one place. This will help simplify the process and will allow customers to find what they need in one shopping platform. is also one of the most trusted suppliers in China and business will know they are getting what they pay for. Working with will save them both time and money.

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