Q & A with businessman and entrepreneur Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is a businessman who created Multi Family Office back in 2008 and who has worked as a partner for other companies. Riva has a degree in economics with knowledge about the law and similar fields as he attended Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore located in Milan. He also attended a business school and a post-graduate program in Switzerland. Riva understands multiple languages such as French, English, and Italian along with being interested in collecting artwork. Some of his other hobbies are show-jumping, cars, racing, diving, and skiing. In the first question, Raffaele Riva lists his everyday lifestyle that consists of working early in the morning, planning in a journal, attending meetings, conducting business with clients, followed by some frequent traveling. He reflects that each day can be drastically different and that he brings ideas to life by using his experience to guide him. What truly excites him is getting better as an individual and being successful in all facets of life. One productive habit that he lists is having a good mindset, being up to date, accepting to learn, reading frequently, and being a good listener. Some advice that he gives for others is to not place others ahead but to think ahead for the future. One of his interesting viewpoints it that money does not make someone rich but rather not being scared to fail or become poor. Raffaele Riva recommends that other aspiring entrepreneurs believe in themselves and to not be afraid of failure. In addition, pursuing what they want to do is a plus. One strategy that he shares has helped his business grow is in taking care of clients and in providing excellent service to them. Some mistakes he made early on in his career was taking on too many projects and working with too many partners at once. He recommends that people should just do what they want to do and shares for people to read the book “1984” from George Orwell.


Q & A with Raffaele Riva

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The Genucel Products by Charmonix

The skin is the clearest way to tell someone’s age and their health. This is why so many people are committed to fixing up their skin with the latest skin care to make their skin appear more revitalized. Today, one of the leading products in anti-aging skin care is Genucel by Charmonix. The products from this company have shown to be more effective than most skin care products based on the clinical studies. The studies showed that the product has been 95% effective with reducing puffiness and under eye circles with volunteers that tried their products.

The Genucel products are made from Plant Stem Cell ingredients. The products are made to help with anti-aging benefits. Plant Stem Cell ingredients are the latest in anti-aging skin care that really helps to improve the state of our skin. It acts by decreasing puffiness, reducing redness, tightens skin, smooths skin, adds antioxidants to the skin to help the skin even further. Plant Stem Cell tech is present in more products now, but the blend in the Genucel products far exceeds expectations comparatively to those other products. The plant stem cells in Genucel by Chamonix come from Swedish apples. The product additionally contains algae extract, green tea, and goji berries.

According to, the Genucel products are available online on their web store. The web store ships to most locations. This is the easiest way to ensure you get real Genucel by Charmonix products. The Genucel company is a BBB accredited business. Sales tax on some orders may apply for a few states. There is also a shipping fee for orders made in Canada.

The Genucel products are excellent for those who enjoy spending time on their skin to reverse the time of aging. If you want to see real changes in your skin, then Genucel is the right product for you. Try it today to see real results in your skin.  To know better about Genucel visit

Gino Pozzo’s Contributions in English Football

Did you know that Watford FC is one of the best defensive football clubs in Europe? The main reason why the team is one of the most competitive teams in England is Gino Pozzo’s leadership. As the owner of the club, he has a voice on the club decisions, especially when it comes to buying and selling players. According to English soccer pundits, Pozzo is one of the most influential club owners in modern football and thanks to his contributions; the club is one of the main competitors in top European leagues. Even though this is his first time to have the controlling rights of a football club, Gino Pozzo is not new to sports investments.

His family, for example, previously invested in the Spanish League, which is also another competitive league in the world of football. Gino Pozzo points out that his early interaction with club management and sports investment are the main reasons he has a huge passion for sports. Pozzo, therefore, understands the role fans play in a club and in the last season, he was keen on creating a good rapport with fans. He has been vocal on where he wants to take the club in terms of competitiveness and more importantly, retaining the club culture. Thanks to his passion, he is one of the most loved investors in English Football.

Prior to 2012, the club was one of the less competitive clubs, due to fewer funds and lack of proper management. However, his period in the club has enabled Watford FC to buy better players and compete in the European leagues. Gino Pozzo understands the importance of funds in sports and this understanding has made him put money on the right projects. Last season, for example, he assisted the club in buying some of the best midfielders from different Italian clubs.

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The results of blackout driving survey conducted by American Addiction Centers

An article from Gazette Day explains what a blackout is in simple terms and gives information on the work that American Addiction Centers does. American Addiction Centers helps people who are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.

Their mission is to give patients critical care to change their lives for the better with many treatment centers located around the U.S. The business has been able to have much better success rates than other treatment centers as they look at many different factors when helping a patient.

A new survey conducted by the treatment center has found that many get behind the wheel intoxicated, even in a blackout state and that in some cases they don’t even remember having left their own home. They explain what the blackout state is and how someone that intoxicated can even find themselves in that kind of situation.

First off, a blackout is a state someone has when they can not directly remember what has happened. It is like someone’s memory has been cleared entirely as parts of the brain responsible for long-term memory shut down. For example, the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for long-term memory, shuts down as a result of experiencing the blackout.

A blackout can cause a lot of problems such as using drugs, having sexual intercourse forcibly, violating the law, committing violence on one another or on to the person affected directly. It can be tough to imagine that people can drive under these circumstances but a survey from American Addiction Centers has found that many do. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers Reality Blackout Drunk Driving | Gazetteday

A total of 600 people were a part of the survey as over half of them admitted that they binge drink with another alarming statistic that 36% of them have driven once while experiencing a blackout. This is a recipe for disaster as half of them have admitted to getting in the car with a drunk driver. Although many believe that they are okay enough to drive it is not the case as many tend to be killed innocently at the hands of drunk drivers.

Abusing alcohol is a big issue as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention noted that about 29 people die at the fate of driving from being under the influence of alcohol. Blackouts can affect a number of different groups such as young college students and adults.

Some factors such as drinking on an empty stomach, not drinking water, mixing other drugs and prescriptions with liquor, and drinking quickly can increase having a blackout. The article mentions that having a blackout does not correlate to having an alcohol abuse disorder, but rather, consuming too much liquor in a short window. However, if it does happen frequently, that is a sign of a bigger problem.

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How Paul Saunders Offers Supportive Financial Advice to Investors through James River Capital

Investors put many factors into consideration before starting a new business. The primary factor that they consider is the source of capital because the company can’t run without it. However, several new investors don’t have the financial muscle to cater for the full funding of their business. They also lack the necessary skills applied in raising capital for starting up a business. James River Capital is one of the companies that support such investors by providing the best startup advice for future success in the industry. The company started the financial advisory services in 1995 after Paul Saunders, and Kevin Brandt joined hands in purchasing the company from Kidder.

James River Capital operates from Richmond, Virginia but offers advice to many areas. The company offers advice on matters revolving around asset-backed securities, corporate credit, and equity strategies. They also provide advisory services on multi-strategy investing, managed futures trading, and global macroeconomic policy and other services. Besides, the firm operates under the umbrellas of CFC and SEC offering Investment and commodity training advisory services. James River Capital is also a commodity pool operator still operating under CFC.

According to Paul Saunders, budding investors have numerous methods of raising the capital for their businesses without breaking a sweat. Paul is quick to note that the primary factor to consider is to have a professionally prepared business plan. Paul points out that it becomes easier to raise funds using formal documentation. One way of raising funds for business is by organizing a fundraiser with the family members and friends. The method of bootstrapping is valid as long as the family and friends are royal. Besides, the business owner might use personal savings without involving friends and family members.

Saunders continues by saying that the investor might consider using the crowdfunding method to raise funds. The process involves bringing a large group of people together to support the business through their pockets. One way of passing the information is through social media, including Facebook. Social media, however, demands a high level of discipline because many online friends don’t take things seriously. The beauty of applying the two methods is that the funds raised don’t need a refund because the friends and family members contribute wholeheartedly.

If the two fail to contribute to the targeted amount, the investor might consider taking a loan to carry on with the business. Paul Saunders advises investors to shop around for the lenders of business and local loans that attract low interests. Additionally, they must ensure that they have good credit scores and valuable collaterals. The investors that have professional and catchy business plans might consider approaching angel investors and venture capitalists and come up with a formal working agreement. Learn more:

The Exemplary Leadership Of Zeco Auriemo Helps JHSF’s Expansion

Real estate, like Zeco Aurimeo knows perfectly well, can be for a firm a supremely lucrative industry, and this has been precisely the case when it come to JHSF. Chairman Auriemo figured out the proper way to help JHSF invest its resources in order to gather a higher revenue. One method that Zeco found was to develop a different type of property from what that firm used to before he was CEO, and that happens to be particularly luxurious buildings. Though Mr. Auriemo has had a successful run of leadership, he has also used a particularly democratic professional leadership style.

Pushing JHSF further towards cutting edge real estate development has been a strong focus for the Brazilian, and Zeco Auriemo has not just pursued that professional mission on Brazilian soil. He has also taken his ideas and JHSF’s power to other profitable regions, and among these was naturally Uruguay. New York, however, surprised some onlookers when it became the host of a JHSF residence, and, for that particular project, Auriemo proved his dedication by relocating to Manhattan to observe the residences construction thoroughly, taking his family along for that entire duration before it eventually opened up to luxurious renters in 2013.

Parque Cidade Jardim found both fame and recognition after Mr. Zeco Auriemo and JHSF took the the necessary steps to erect it in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This property has consistently earned for JHSF, and its popularity as a shopping complex continues to rise in Brazil. Fasano Hotel brought to JHSF both recognition and an increase in the organization’s valued bottom line, just like Parque Cidade Jardim. Chairman Auriemo brings needed impact to his community as well, and his charitable focus has been both noticed and praised. Auriemo’s qualities are truly exemplary for others in CEO and leadership positions at similar firms.

Todd Levine Outlines His Success

Todd Levine has become known as an attorney for being the best in Florida when it comes to commercial real estate litigation. While the topic can get complicated, he is le to frame the issues in a way that is simple enough for others not in the industry. Todd Levine stated that gaining this reputation for being the best has been great for his career. He advises others to try to be known for being great at a particular area as quickly as possible in their career. More clients will begin coming to you for their issues instead of you trying to find them. In an interview, the attorney stated that this is the biggest piece of advice he wishes he could have given himself when he was younger.

Over the years as an attorney, Todd Levine has built a successful practice and believes that his work and the results that he has are enough to speak for themselves and attract clients. This may not be the popular way of doing things in his industry, but it has worked well for Todd Levine. He also believes in being attentive to his clients and answering them back within 24 hours even if they are asking questions during the weekends. Without his clients, Todd Levin couldn’t have a business and some attorneys tend to forget that. This approach has caused his clients to refer more people to his practice instead of having to market his offerings himself.

Before the attorney has a meeting, Todd Levine states that it is important for him to create an outline detailing what needs to be discussed. While other people may not agree with this method, it happens to work well for him and his business. It is important for him to do this before committing anything to paper and not just with meetings. By organizing his thoughts, he is able to present them in a way that is clear and concise so it can be understood. It also helps him eliminate any holes that may be in his argent that he had not noticed previously when he first thought about it.

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Working In Energy: How Agera Stands Out

The energy market is one of the biggest out there, simply due to the fact that every home and business needs gas and electricity. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.

Agera Energy has been working to make the energy business more consumer-friendly and easier to understand. That’s why they’ve built a customer base of nearly two million people and why they have a large employee retention rate. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Agera Energy is known as being a good place to work. 75% said they were satisfied with their jobs at Agera and employees have gone as far as to praise the company as “one of the best ever”. Agera also has an easy application process, with 71% of the company’s applicants applying online.

The company is headquartered in Briarcliff Manor, New York and is part of the private sector. It is truly one of the most popular energy services in New York State, both for customers and employees.



Dick DeVos brings positive change to the Grand Rapids community

Some call him a savior of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Others praise his acumen in the realms of business, education and community affairs. Still others marvel at his ability to use his vision and influence to help transform his home town into a highly revered cultural destination. Without a doubt, Dick DeVos stands out as one of the most prominent and admired figures in the history of Grand Rapids.


One pivotal moment in his relationship with the city of Grand Rapids came in the early 1990s, when DeVos happened to notice a plan that called for the construction of a convention and sports arena complex north of the downtown region.


Although it was merely an abstract plan at the time, DeVos knew it was time to spring into action. In his view, building the arena outside of the downtown area would be harmful to the overall health of the city. In fact, he compared it to the big hit Detroit suffered when the NBA’s Pistons and the NFL’s Lions moved from the city center to the Palace of Auburn Hills and the Pontiac Silverdome.


A much better course of action, DeVos believed, would entail building the new facility in the heart of the business district of Grand Rapids. DeVos, who served as the chief executive officer of Amway from 1993 through 2002, responding by launching an intense lobbying effort to revitalize downtown Grand Rapids. His campaign ultimately resulted in the construction of numerous major projects in the city, including Michigan State University’s medical school, the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Grand Rapids City Market, the DeVos Performance Hall, and Van Andel Arena.


In retrospect, the efforts of DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos, were instrumental in forever altering the skyline of Grand Rapids for the better. Instead of falling victim to suburban sprawl like so many other American cities, Grand Rapids has fostered a vibrant downtown area marked by innovation, growth and myriad cultural attractions.


In addition to wielding their considerable influence in the arenas of politics, education reform and labor relations, Dick and Betsy DeVos have established an extraordinary reputation in the world of philanthropy. For instance, the couple’s foundation donated nearly $140 million to organizations devoted to the arts, education, leadership, public policy and other worthy endeavors. The couple’s donation of more than $12 million spearheaded the creation of a new children’s hospital within the Spectrum Health System. The hospital was named after Helen DeVos, Dick’s mother.


DeVos has build a successful career that would be the envy of any business leader. In addition to serving as the CEO of Amway, DeVos made a valiant run for governor of Michigan, ultimately falling short against incumbent Jennifer Granholm. An enthusiast of aviation as well as education, DeVos founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy, an innovative public high school in western Michigan dedicated to teaching students interested in pursuing careers in aviation. It serves more than 600 students.


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Academy of Art University Annual Spring Show

There are many opportunities in the world of arts. People who have utilized their creative and artistic skills are reaping big. Fortunately, the current generation is paying keen attention to arts and fashion. One of the huge milestones in the industry is the establishment of arts formal learning institutions.

One of such schools is the Academy of Arts University which recently held an annual spring show. In the annual spring show, the public, alumni and prominent companies gather to explore and interact with what students have to offer. This is the only chance arts students have to showcase their work and talents to the general public. The 2019 annual spring show featured the top brightest minds in art and design. The students showcased brilliant work which will remain on the public display from May 17 to June 15 excluding holidays and Sundays.

The spring show is a glad opportunity for graduates to showcase their unique and innovative creations. Projects are showcased by architects, filmmakers, technologists, designers, entrepreneur, photographers, problem solvers, strategies, and communicators. In the show, veterans share time with students to discuss industry trends and possibilities.

The Show as a Networking Opportunity

The main aim of the show is to enhance networking. Students meet with the general public and veterans who might be interested in their work. Students can build solid relationships with influential industry representatives. The significance of the show might not be seen today, but two to three years down the line, the students will look back and appreciate the event planners. This is a show that grants students the insights of making the first step into the world. Companies’ representatives meet with students to access their hiring potential.

Academy of Art University has been training students in several creative disciplines for 90 years. The university prides itself as the prominent privately-owned arts school in United States. Alumni’s are serving in exciting careers in the realm of game design, architecture, fashion, and design, among others. Instructors are highly qualified to pass knowledge in the disciplines they train actively. The university is determined to facilitate and culminate creative ideas which are geared towards producing full baked students who are ready to make an impact in the society.

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