Luke Lazarus Mission of Helping Business Startups Reach Fruition

In this highly competitive world, it is becoming more difficult for a business to thrive to fruition under these harsh conditions set in the marketplace. According to estimates, close to 90% of all startups fail within the first five years of their formation.

This is characterized by the slowing job growth and declining quality job growth in the economy over the past decades.

Given this disheartening fact, there has been a surprising trend in the rise in the entrepreneurial world. One character who has managed to overcome the odds of the marketplace with several successful startups is Luke Lazarus. Luke Lazarus has perfected the art of forming startups and selling them at high profits.

Luke Lazarus was born and grew in Melbourne city, Australia. He entered the entrepreneurial world at age 8, and he has managed to carve a name for himself in the entrepreneurial world. With an impressive academic, business, and sports talents, Luke Lazarus was a catch for several educational institutions around the world.

However, Luke Lazarus stayed in his hometown and earned an MBA from the Melbourne Business School. After graduating, Luke Lazarus spent close to a decade in forming four firms which eventually sold at significant profits. He gained financial independence at age 35.

It was during a soul searching moment that Luke Lazarus opted to become a business consultant. It was with is a broad industrial experience that Luke Lazarus formed an approach for startup consulting.

He made a strong emphasis on the systems and analysis. He also developed emotional connections with both the clients and stakeholders.

Throughout his career, Luke Lazarus has helped a host of firms from struggling startups to multimillion-dollar IPOs (initial public offerings). With a proven track record, Luke Lazarus has managed to earn a reputation for directness in the entrepreneurial world. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

It with his broad experience that spans decades that Lazarus has shaped the firms of clients into the kinds of operations which can catch the attention of capitalists leading to closings. He has also assisted clients in crafting messaging which highlights the whole operation giving it a sense of purpose and direction.

He has also helped businesses develop emotional connections with clients and stakeholders by elevating the status of the business into a moral force rather than just a paycheck or product. It through his work as a consultant, that Luke Lazarus has brought clarity to executive decisions regarding a brand’s next step while helping to offer a seasoned perspective through prioritizing decisions.

It is through the Lazarus’ belief that business leaders require partners that he has brought the outlook which has shaped the trajectory together with the ability to focus on important decisions.

This includes defining, identifying, and addressing issues critical to the success of business startups today.

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Wes Edens Is Quickly Becoming A Big Name In Sports

Wes Edens has long been known for his talent for investing along with his intense love of sports. In recent years, he has been combining his passion for both by investing in multiple sports teams across the globe. He has been the part owner of the Bucks, an NBA team in Milwaukee for several years and they have been improving under his ownership. Many believe that the team is well on their way to becoming major contenders in the league like the Golden State Warriors. Since the purchase by Wes Edens, the team has seen a considerable increase in sales of merchandise and they are enjoying being able to play in a newly built stadium. Everything is looking good for the Bucks and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.


While Wes Edens may be known for all of the work that he has been putting into the Bucks, he now has sights set on yet another team and sport. In the United Kingdom, football, better known as soccer in the United States, is something that many people have a passion for. It was recently announced that he and another investor had become the majority owners of the Aston Villa Football Club and they have big plans to help the team return to the top of the Premier League. While the team may have been experiencing some troubles on the field over the last few years, things are already starting to look up and they believe they can enjoy a return to their former glory.

Many people may not understand what new ownership could possibly bring to the team, but Wes Edens has a strong vision for the team. He did not just invest to make money, but he genuinely wants to see the team succeed for themselves and their fans and has no problem putting the work that they need into Aston Villa. The experience with investing in a sports team is one that requires a much more hands-on approach than other investments and it can be personally rewarding as well as financially rewarding while pursuing victory.

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Dr.Sameer Jejurikar’s Extensive Experience in Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Sameer is one of the icons in the medical field who has made a name for himself for his expertise in carrying out surgical operations. Dr Sameer undertakes his activities at Dallas region at Dallas Plastic surgery Institute

Dr Sammer Jejurikar’s Background

Dr.Sameer was born and raised in Minnesota in the United States of America. He attended various schools and loved Sciences while undertaking his secondary education. Dr Jejurikar’s passion for the medical field prompted him to work hard since he was eager to pursue a degree program that would lead him to a medical career. Dr Jejurikar was an excellent performer in school and did well in his final exams to secure his place at the University of Michigan.

He acquired his medical degree from the University of Michigan and headed to New York to further his studies. He was attached at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where he honed his skills in the medical field by performing minor surgeries.

Dr Sameer Jejurikar’s Passion

Dr Jejurikar honed his skills in plastic surgery and became one of the best doctors in the United States of America. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon and is known for his patient-centred approach in solving the patients’ skin problems.

Plastic surgery is categorized into two categories, which include reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery. Though Sameer has been involved in reconstructive plastic surgery, Jejurikar’s primary area of specialty is cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery consists of performing surgery to replace skin tissue that has been damaged as a result of the accident. Cosmetic plastic surgery includes surgical operations to enhance the beauty of various parts of the body. Dr Sameer Jejurikar is specialized in carrying out cosmetic surgery and performs operations to enhance various parts of the body, such as nose, eyes, and breast augmentation.

Dr Sameer Jejurikar Wins an Award for His Compassionate Nature

Dr Sameer Jejurikar is also a passionate author and writes extensively on various topics about plastic surgery. He is also an eloquent public speaker in various forums about health-related subjects. Dr Jejurikar has been voted as the most compassionate doctor in the United States of America.

A Man of Vision: Matt Fleeger

Matt Fleeger is a man who has the determination to lay out the best plans for oil and gas companies. H earned a degree in Busines Administration and went to work right away. He has become one of the finest executives when it comes to the oil and gas industries. Matt Fleeger is a man with a plan and will move his new venture forward. His venture is Gulf Coast Western LLC.

Gulf Western LLC was founded in 1970 and has locations in many southern states like Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Colorado. The company is based in Dallas, Texas and wants to be a good neighbor to the surrounding cities. The company also partners with others to minimize the effect of excessive drilling in remote areas. Now Matt Fleeger has taken the reins and is moving the company forward.

Matt Fleeger is the current president and CEO of Gulf Western LLC. He has laid the plans for the company since 2005. One of the things that he has done very well is to monitor the environment around drilling sites. In one particular deal Gulf Western was able to use three-dimensional equipment in order to monitor the land. It also gave him the best way to maximize the use of the land without going overboard.

Matt Fleeger has experience when it comes to getting things going with businesses. One of his first ventures was called Mystic Tan in California. He took control and turned it into one of the largest tanning businesses in the world today. He has been well respected by his peers in the industry and makes sure things are going right on track. He is a man with a vision and he is determined to execute on that vision. This is why Matt Fleeger is now at the top.

How Ted Bauman is Helping Common Citizens to Cope with Various Investments

Ted Bauman is a skilled investment expert. Born in Washington DC, he relocated to South Africa at a tender age to pursue education. He was a resident at the country for over 25 years. While there, Ted pursued various postgraduate degrees from the Cape Town University. This was intended to help him start his career. He then started working for non-for-profit organizations while managing a fund for housing projects for several years. Ted Bauman would then begin serving in companies such as the European grant-making firms and the UN. He has since held leadership positions in these firms while serving as a consultant in charge of research. He also wrote regarding issues of finance, urban planning, coupled with the housing. See the complete profile on LinkedIn

After the long period of service in Africa, a continent he traveled across extensively, Ted Bauman returned to his native home in 2008 to pursue various projects. While there, he moved to the Caribbean as well as Latin America to serve in various departments. He then worked at International Housing Programs in Atlanta. He also focused on research in addition to writing regarding international development. As such, in 2013, Bauman fully focused on research and writing. He worked with slum dwellers in the international landscape before founding the Slum Dwellers International. Over the years, his foundation worked with community members to assist over 14 million individuals residing in the area. Since September 2013, Bauman has been serving at the famous Sovereign Society as the chief editor responsible for publishing Plan B Club. Other than that, he’s also been tasked with overseeing Smart Money Alert’s publishing.

Today, Ted Bauman is a revered writer and researcher. Recently, he authored a book based on different investment methods and strategies with a focus on making the right decision. His works have largely been published in journals and press. Being an experienced business professional as well, Bauman offers insight to investors in different capitals. He believes that with the right asset-protection strategies, investors should be safe from volatile market conditions. His work majorly focuses on specific trading rules. The system has a significant backtest to help gauge the success of a project. Source:

Betterworks Help Develop Company Culture

When a corporation seeks to line up with social responsibility everyone benefits! Adopting an agenda of corporate social responsibility is an ethical agenda. It helps people, causes, and business concerns in so many ways. The focus on social responsibility has progressive outcomes in all areas of company management. For instance, it provides training programs which benefit the skills of employees. Some of the best practices for CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility include improving job quality, and employee participation. It helps employees feel part of the company. When the public sees the moral justifications of social responsibility the more the people want to come on board!

Additionally, when corporations care about the work environment, and the lives of employees their reputation becomes a valuable testament. It becomes a study in magnanimity! Employees work more efficiently when they know their company cares or supports certain labor issues. It remind us of the nineteenth century document called “Rerum Novarum.” This famous document reminds us of the Rights and Duties of Capital and Labor. It addressed issues of the working class and the position of capital labor.

Well, it is the twenty-first century, and there happens to be a good working alternative or helping platform for corporations; it is called Betterworks! Betterworks can create an atmosphere of genuine concern and trust for your corporation. The availability of services Betterworks provides are not only affordable, but well worth it! It makes the idea of capitalism and corporate growth include a sense of ethical morality. It helps in marketing, when the public knows you practice humane policies.

Did you know Betterworks knows how to motivate your employees? It provides an engaging operational plan for your business, along with a program to engage employee feedback. Having a voice in company operations is a good motivator. It helps in goal setting! These are crucial topics in performance and development. Betterworks knows that employees are a corporation’s greatest asset!

Now, Betterworks offers cloud based software which provide information to understand how the operational needs of the company are addressed. Employees provide feedback, goal setting, and have a say in the methodology and company practices. Betterworks offers a trial period; it is a fantastic service.

Lastly, Betterworks is strategic and keeps the conversation going between management and workers. It is a new technology which benefits both sides. Yes, it increases employee retention, and efficiency. Guess what? Both sides are listening!

anni Hufnagel’s Career as a Young Coach

YHaving served as a basketball assistant coach for several years, Yanni Hufnagel took the mantle at the University of Nevada and headed the basketball team bearing the name Wolf Pack Men’s Basketball team. He is of Jewish descent and has been a previous player in his life before his career as a coach playing for various teams. He has managed to deliver results that’s why his name has been on the limelight this decade.

Since taking the mantle at the Nevada University, he has led the university to the rise and achieved much over the three years. The club made appearances for CBI during his tenure; recently the club has managed to rank national last year under Yanni Hufnagel’s leadership. His glories had outshined when he won the season conference championships for the three consecutive years since Yanni joined the university. Additionally, his team has been involved in the tournament championship something they had participated a decade earlier before him taking the job under the head coach of the club.

His success has been linked to his pivotal role in the team that involves the recruitment of the members of the team. He has been previously engaged in such a role in his previous jobs where he was a coach for other university teams too. His career was on the rise while he was in Harvard Crimson men’s basketball team as an assistant coach. Here he outshone other colleagues at recruiting and made the best team that won accolades a decade ago. Over the years, Yanni Hufnagel has had several jobs that have molded his career to what he is today.

All of this success at his age has been owed to his character and nature. Yanni Hufnagel has been a sportsman all of his life since his tender age where he played as a captain as well as a commentator. He possesses communication skills, thereby his relation with his team has been regarded as the best. Being a graduate with a degree in sciences, Hufnagel has managed to serve as a team member during his higher education and afterward as a graduate coach. To know more about Hufnagel visit





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