Student Athletes Honored By Aaron Lupuloff

There are many great athletes that have been part of the Gwinnett County Public Schools system over the years and several of them have been featured in their Hall of Fame. This year, Aaron Lupuloff was happy to be able to name 6 new people to the exclusive group of exceptional people. Among these athletes were people that had truly been able to make an impact on their community beyond just playing sports. This year’s Hall of Fame induction was so popular that Aaron Lupuloff reports that they actually had to turn people away from attending. The event showed the pride that people have in their hometown and the people that are part of it. Together, they have created a community with strong athletes, academics, and diversity throughout the economic divide that they are working to close.

One of the ways that Aaron Lupuloff, the Executive Vice President of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, is able to help his community is through fundraising efforts. Through these funds, they are able to provide access to programs that can help enrich the lives of students while preparing them for a successful future in college and their careers. While the school system participates in many different types of fundraising efforts, some of the most effective that they have are the different sports events that are popular in their town. Lupuloff enjoys being able to see the different generations of people getting together to watch these events take place.

Aaron Lupuloff graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Business Administration. He has more than 2 decades of experience in supervisory and management roles including those in JP Morgan and Raymond James. The most recent position that he help was with Fifth Third Street Bank Securities. Along with the effort that Aaron Lupuloff puts in with the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, he and his wife are also active with other philanthropical efforts throughout their communities. This includes granting scholarships to disabled students at the University of Georgia. In addition to his business and philanthropical responsibilities, he is also the father of 4 children. To know more about Aaron visit




Sheldon Lavin Is a Giant in the Meat Processing Industry


The meat processing industry is getting more competitive every year. There are more companies being created in an attempt to get a piece of the market. There are literally billions of dollars at stake. Therefore, the pressure on companies in the meat processing industry to keep the money rolling in is very high. One of the most important companies in the world when it comes to producing meat is called OSI Group. This company has been around for over 100 years. However, they did not became a huge success until Sheldon Lavin took over the reigns of the operation.

OSI Group was originally a small company called Otto & Sons. They had just a single factory. However, Sheldon Lavin saw great potential in the company if they had the right leadership. Lavin would eventually take control of the company. He became the mastermind of expanding the company into parts of the United States that had few meat production resources. Therefore, OSI Group became an overnight sensation in these parts of the country where their services were desperately needed. This was all part of Sheldon’s plan. He wanted to focus on areas where his company would be able to easily dominate with little or no competition.

OSI Group would soon develop a foothold in these areas where their factories were located. The company became bigger and more successful every day. An expansion overseas was soon begun. Sheldon Lavin believed that the demand for meat in some foreign countries could rival that of the United States. He began to negotiate contracts that would allow OSI Group to open their facilities in other countries around the world. The company would employ large numbers of people in foreign countries. This helped to stimulate the economy in these poor areas. This made some foreign governments ask OSI Group to open a facility in their country.

Sheldon Lavin is now considered to be one of the most significant people in the history of the American meat processing industry. It is very hard to argue that point when you take a close look at everything he has done. The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

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DonataMeirelles and Assisting Others

DonataMeirelles knows a lot about all things that are chic in this world. She has an eye for style concepts of all kinds. Her style sense is 100 percent rare. People all throughout Brazil are able to recognize that easily, too. That’s the reason she has so many clients in the South American nation. She accomplishes all sorts of things for the Brazilian style scene. She even does a lot for philanthropic matters there. She’s a fashionista who has empathy in droves. That explains her devotion to the AIDS and HIV realms. Charitable and philanthropic matters are not lost on Meirelles at all. She wants to do anything in her capacity to encourage researchers to find treatments that can end AIDS and HIV for good.

AIDS and HIV have been impacting people all around the globe for many decades. This is something that upsets Meirelles to no end. She wants to do things that can push AIDS and HIV studying ahead. That’s why she does so much for fundraisers. She wants people to be able to come up with effective treatment plans for the medical conditions in the near future. She puts time into all kinds of events that accommodate the AIDS world. She has a lot of information that relates to The Countdown to a Cure.

People can learn so much about this style-conscious individual. They can learn all about her by witnessing the things she does for humankind. They can learn all about her via the wonders of social media as well. DonataMeirelles has accounts on well-known social media platforms like both Facebook and Twitter. The lady lives in Sao Paolo in Brazil right now and has been on Twitter since the autumn of 2010. Her Tweets are generally in Portuguese. They cover many pressing subjects.


Eradicating HIV and AIDS with DonataMeirelles

DonataMeirelles is an icon in the fashion industry. She is a reputable fashion consultant and a socialite in Brazil. She is commonly associated with vogue brazil where she served as a style director. Besides making huge strides in the fashion industry, Donata is a passionate supporter of AIDS research. She attends annual events to support the cause and also uses her online influence to invite her followers to support the cause.

DonataMeirelles supports AIDS education through amfAR. This is a nonprofit organization focused to raise funds for scientific research of AIDS cure. The foundation is committed to supporting HIV prevention, awareness education programs, and treatment awareness. The organization was incepted in 1983 by Dr. Mathilde Krim as AIDS Medical Foundation. The main aim of the organization was to campaign against the stigmatization of people with HIV and AIDS. The organization also participated in increasing funding for scientific research.

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AIDS Medical Foundation merged with California Based National AIDS Research Foundation to form amfAR. Since the merge, the organization continues to provide fellowships and grants to scientifically based organizations. The organization has successfully given grants to The Family Institute of Health and individuals through the Mathilde Krim Fellowships to fund basic biomedical research.

To raise more funds, amfAR invites the general public to donate. The organization also raises money through fundraising activities. DonataMeirelles plays a key role in events designed to fundraise. The recent mega event was AmfAR’s Annual Cinema Against AIDS. The event raises money by selling a limited number of exclusive tickets.

The primary goal of the funding is to invent a cure for AIDS. The funds are geared towards scientific research that will develop the cure by 2020. Donata Meirelles remains optimistic that the cure will be invented before 2020. The galas and fundraising events continue to drive in record amounts of money to fund this noble cause. Donata is dedicated to pushing any need required to make this goal a reality. Read More:

Betsy DeVos Makes A Public Appearance With An Unlikely Ally Who Believes In Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos made headlines recently when she decided to make a public appearance with a man who holds many different views than she does. This man is Armando Christian Perez, but most people know him by his rapper name, which is Pitbull. DeVos showed up to make an appearance with Pitbull at one of the three charter schools he founded recently in the state of Florida. DeVos is known for her support of charter schools and has fought hard in Michigan to help expand the amount of charter schools in the state.


Betsy DeVos checked in with Pitbull at his charter school named Slam! after going on a whirlwind tour of many other charter schools in Florida. Slam stands for sports leadership and management and takes on students who are in sixth grade all of the way to 12th grade. Before visiting the school, and making the appearance with Pitbull, DeVos had already visited a private Christian school, a couple of higher education institutions, and a public school. She also made a trip to an all-girls charter school in the nation’s capital where she was joined by first lady Melania Trump and Queen Rania of Jordan.


Betsy DeVos has remained dedicated to improving America’s school system for many years through the passing of important legislation and the expansion of charter and private schools. She joined a movement known as the educational choice movement many decades ago in order to fight against what she, and many others, see as an injustice. She joined the movement for many different reasons, and one of these reasons had to do with a school named Potter’s House Christian School. She had visited the school many years ago and was surprised when she discovered that many of the parents who sent their kids there were struggling to make ends meet because they could barely afford the tuition fees.


Instead of simply shaking her head and moving on with her life, Betsy DeVos made the decision to do something. She started out by donating her own money to help cover the tuition fees of select students who attended Potter’s House Christian School. This helped many families to be able to get by a little easier because of the economical hardship it helped to lift. DeVos quickly realized she would need to do more on a national level to be able to truly address the problem.


Betsy DeVos went on to found many different organizations in the educational sector that have supported the educational rights of students in the United States. She has served in leadership roles in many of these organizations and has also supported them through large monetary donations. Today, DeVos is optimistic about the educational future of students in the USA, and she plans on continuing to work hard for their rights.


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The Path to Success for Lincolnshire Management

When it comes to private equity companies, very few firms have been able to make an impact on the investment industry. One of the few companies that have been able to achieve success in this area is Lincolnshire Management. Lincolnshire a private equity firm that was founded in 1986 and it focuses on controlling investment in the growing middle market businesses. Over the past 30 years since it was founded, Lincolnshire Management has invested in numerous industries by acquiring more than 85 acquisitions.

One of the ways Lincolnshire Management was able to attain its achievements is through its collaborative approach and experience in huge investment and private equity investment. With a flexible and creative approach to transactions, Lincolnshire Management is able to structure its investments to meet the needs of its sponsors, lenders, and management. This makes it quite easy for Lincolnshire Management to respond to the challenges it faces in the private industry. It is also able to provide resources to enterprises for success.

Another critical ingredient to Lincolnshire Management success over the past three decades is its investing professionals. Their professionals have an operational and hands-on managerial experience that helps portfolio businesses attain solutions to operational challenges. Lincolnshire Management professionals also make it possible for companies to challenge their management teams to exceed their growth goals in earnings and revenue. Lincolnshire partners have also been responsible for the company’s success when it comes to implementing and directing various strategies that help renew and refresh the product lines.TJ Maloney is the CEO of Lincolnshire Management and has dedicated hard work and energy to his company.

The operation partners are also responsible for introducing the best sourcing strategies and enhancing production facilities to help in profitability and efficiency. This effectiveness has made it possible for Lincolnshire Management to acquire a unique heritage when it comes to formulating solutions to challenges they experience during operation.

Some of the companies Lincolnshire Management has in its portfolio include Latite, Dalbo Holdings, True Temper Sports, Desch Plantpak, and Allison Marine. These are a few of the companies; Lincolnshire Management has been able to help in terms of responsible investing. They are also proof of the growth and success that Linconlnshire Management has had over the years.

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Nitin Khanna Holds Valuable Public Appeal

Nitin Khanna has had years of experience within the business industry when he ran his own business, and since he has since retired from that position, he has been working behind the scenes in business to improve the economical state of the United States. His goals have always been motivated by his patriotism, as he sees his career as a vehicle for his country. Nitin Khanna will attest to this fact any day of the week; he does not work for himself. Rather, he works for the people around him who depend on him either for a living or for his generosity.

Since he has been known for years for the philanthropy he strives to act out, there is a bit of an expectation for Nitin Khanna to continue donating to charity today, and though he is living up to the expectation, he is not solely doing it to appease the public. He finds a personal satisfaction in giving to people, and he believes that doing so is an integral part of life. Humanity would not have made it as far as it has without the ability to cooperate, and Nitin Khanna knows this better than anyone else. This is why he has encouraged businesses across the country to be structured in the same way his own was. His old business structure involved giving everyone a voice to speak within the company, the idea being that there is no voice too small for making improvements within the world of business.

Everyone has something to offer, whether it simply be an idea or an entire new set of rules for an aspect of business that the company forgot to acknowledge. Nobody is perfect, and as much as we would like to prove that we are by being consistent in our work, attaining consistency is simply not possible one hundred percent of the time when you are involved with business. Nitin Khanna knows that there must be some uncertainty, and this is one of the largest draws towards business for him. If it were not for the risk, he likely would not have found it to be as appealing.

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Jana Lightspeed and Prices

Think about it. You are an investor like Jana Lightspeed. You want to make sure that Uber has a bright future ahead. What do you do? How do you make sure that Uber will win?

Jana Lightspeed and Uber on Raising the Prices

This seems to be the most simple, basic, yet effective model to people who want to generate greater revenue. This is especially true when the company in question holds a popular user-base, an impressive infrastructure, and a formidable outreach.

Why wouldn’t it be? Uber seemingly has the market share, the dependency of its customers, and the power of its workforce behind it. Even if it is not turning any profits, the company has been increasing its revenue on a consistent basis.

All of it points towards a possibility where increasing price may not be seen as something that may turn away the people who have come to depend on it.

But that is where the ones suggesting this model get it so wrong.

If you have been keeping in touch with the overall market trends, then it wouldn’t be a hot take for you to learn that Uber is not the most innovative startup that it was once taught to be.

Yes, it revolutionized the way that ride-hailing and ride-sharing works. Yes, it changed the face of transportation forever. Yes, it created a lot of jobs and opportunities in the process. But no, it is far from being the only player in the market who people could depend upon.

Let’s talk about Lyft, for instance. The “anti-Uber” version of ride-sharing has been going after Uber’s market share ever since it was formed in 2012. While the first few years had been quite difficult for the firm, it managed to pull through its operations.

Greg Blatt and Inquiries

Greg Blatt was born Gregory R. Blatt. He’s an individual who has a reputation for being able to guide others in masterful ways. Blatt isn’t someone who has ever been mindlessly self-assured. That’s because he’s the type of person who is perpetually assessing all of his actions. Greg ponders his activities in detail. Once things are complete, however, he ceases to contemplate them permanently. This man no longer employs a type of software that’s called Outlook. He has a penchant for options such as Google Calendar and Gmail, though. He indicates that both of those components have simplified his existence in a dramatic manner (Crunchbase).

Greg Blatt aids individuals out there by providing them with comprehensive suggestions. These things have accommodated his vocational path as well. He urges ambitious individuals to be curious. Inquiries are a big element for people who make major names for themselves on this planet. He urges individuals to soak up any issues they have encountered. He even urges them to be adaptable to the max. People who are stubborn and unwavering often have serious issues advancing in this world. Just to mention, Greg Blatt was CEO for Tinder and Match Group so his business tips are gold. 

Blatt is in no way a stranger to things not going smoothly. He’s been at the helm of all sorts of companies that have floundered in the past. Those journeys didn’t deter him in the slightest, though. All they did was give Greg Blatt a lot of insight about how things operate. Glories often feel rewarding to him. Troubles, however, are something that he tries to abandon rapidly. He doesn’t ever dwell on them for long at all.

This professional wishes that he could still use his Blackberry from the past. He is a technology lover also and acknowledges that the mighty iPhone has some strong components. He also acknowledges that the widely known device is harming how people speak and write. 

Blatt likes to tackle all sorts of work assignments. That doesn’t take away from his soothing family life. He’s a father who couldn’t adore his little daughter more. She’s five years in age. He likes to converse with her any time he gets the chance. Togetherness makes him feel whole.

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Exposure to the East and the West bring out the Best

Having an ability to work well with everybody that is as proficient as studying literature and grammar means stories are bound to surface, so audiences await with bated breath and perked up ears. Keeping the public’s’ attention for two decades by developing literary adaptation has garnered this executive producer awards and spin-offs. Bennett Greaebner’s reality show is deliberate. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar College with an English major, so he is easy to follow and easy to listen to. 

Bennett Graebner won The Teen Choice Awards for The Bachelor (2002); BMI Song Awards with Rob Cairn for The Bachelorette (2003); BMI Film and TV Awards for Bachelor Pad (2010); and the ASCAP Film and Television Awards for Love at First Kiss (2016) has made this brand identifiable world over.

His behind-the-scenes career came as a result of honing the right combination for sustainability for television and appropriate interaction toward creative personnel. To receive his Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Bennett collaborated on original film projects with other cinematic art school classmates to graduate from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts (EW). 

The spark to ignite the wonderful tv series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette imagination could have just as quickly started from his native Buffalo, New York. They have become one of America´s favorites undoubtedly.  Bennett Graebner grew up closer to the romanticism of Niagara Falls than to nearby Adirondack and Pocono honeymoon hideaways. Trekking as far west to the warm and inviting Southern California had to be exciting, but his discipline became necessary entering his film career and indeed, once again, he focused as he should to become an integral part of the filming community. 

Bennet maintains that what drives his part on his award-winning team is forging the long-lasting friendships. He unites an indispensable communicating network of professionals to accomplish a job well done. Not many can navigate so many creative types, but he has his veterinarian wife and sons to keep him grounded.

Niagara Falls, literature and thou is what glorious romantic adventures the young at heart are waiting to hear. Adapting famous Shakespearean works, and human development narratives confirm the importance of the 18 to 34-year-old demographic.

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