Dick DeVos Spurs New Growth in Grand Rapids

As many politicians in Michigan come together to support a better economy, Dick DeVos has been at the forefront of economical change in West Michigan. For years, he worked with the business leaders in this town to do something better for the city. Through philanthropic work, DeVos also brought in his wife, Betsy DeVos, to become apart of many projects.


Together, the power couple in Michgan’s Republic Party took on education reform, rebuilding Michigan communities, and supporting aviation. DeVos had a keen eye for what could help his hometown of Grand Rapids. Since he had grown up there, he knew many of the business leaders in West Michigan. They were complaining about the lack of activity in downtown, and it only seemed to be getting worse. In the 1990s, Michigan had some of the worst economic declines, particularly in Detroit.


Grand Rapids could rise out of the economic dust with a little help, which is what Dick DeVos set out to do. He worked with a group called Grand Action in the 1990s to affect changes around downtown. This includes the construction of several entertainment centers. The idea was that people would come back to the city of town if they had a reason to.


DeVos set out to work with these leaders to build the DeVos Performance Hall, DeVos Place Convention Center, and Andel Arena. With a sports arena, convention center, and entertainment complex, the city was able to start thriving again. However, DeVos had one more idea to help make these changes more permanent and bring more commerce back to Grand Rapids.


The nearby airport had been there since the 1900s, but it hadn’t changed much since that time. DeVos knew that in order to bring in business travelers, he had to work with the airlines at the Grand Rapids airport location. He started by calling the AirTran Airways’ CEO. He wanted to get help from the CEO and talked about the various ways that the airport could be improved. He specifically wanted AirTran to add on four new flights.


These flights were strategic at first. DeVos wanted to add Orlando, Denver, St. Louis, and Vegas. These were all popular conference destinations, and he thought that by organizing the new airport around business travelers, they would achieve a better economy and earn more international ticket sales.


This inevitably worked, and the flights were added. DeVos was able to show that the airport would boom in growth with just the addition of these few destinations. By 2018, the airport was seeing 3.26 million passengers, and it had undergone severe changes as part of the Gateway Transformation Project.


DeVos will continue to work with the FAA for another two years.


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Hyland’s Teething Tablets-The Natural Solution

Hyland’s teething tablets are the go-to for so many parents, and they are the product that is trusted as well as effective. Hyland’s teething tablets have been there for decades and give little ones relief from the pain of teething when nothing else seems to work.

Hyland’s teething tablets is also a natural product that doesn’t contain harsh and dangerous chemicals which is why it is safe to give your little one. It is a homeopathic product that has harnessed the art of homeopathy which has been used for centuries all over the world to relieve pain.

When babies are teething, they may be more irritable, and you may notice that they are rubbing their cheeks and ears. You may also notice that your little one has a rash, is drooling more and is chewing on their hands. They may also experience swelling and tenderness, and they are simply uncomfortable and miserable. As a parent, it can be very hard to watch your little one suffer, and you may even feel helpless as you try to comfort them and relieve their pain. Hyland’s teething tablets is a solution that you can rely on without harming your baby.

Hyland’s teething tablets do not contain benzocaine which has been found by the FDA to cause potential side effects. It will not cause diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, or jaundice which are only a few of the harmful side effects of acetaminophen.

Hyland’s is a believer in the power and effectiveness behind homeopathic methods, and more and more parents are turning to homeopathic methods to treat their children because it is safe ad it works.

Hyland’s teething tablets contain natural active ingredients and are one of the many different products that they offer. They are also easy-to-use dissolving tablets that deliver fast results.

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Donata Meirelles’s Efforts in AIDS Cure

Donata Meirelles is a fashion guru in Brazil who has transformed the fashion industry with her innovative techniques. Donata Meirelles is also a socialite who has a massive following in all her social media pages. She uses her influence to spread awareness and share information about the fashion industry.

Donata’s Passion for Community Programs

She is an active supporter of the community-based programs and projects that are aimed at transforming society. Donata actively supports initiative aimed at the promotion of education and sensitization about HIV/AIDS. She also participates in the funding drive aimed at spearheading research activities to find a cure for the deadly disease.

As a social media influencer, she uses her platforms to create awareness about the existence of AIDS research and fund drive initiatives.

The organization responsible for research purposes is known as amfAR. The organization spearheads AIDS prevention through sensitization campaigns and policy. AmfAR contributes to AIDS research through the provision of grants to researchers from various organizations. Some of the beneficiaries of the grants given by amfAR are many.  To learn more about Donata Meirelles view her Crunchbase profile

Donata Meirelles’s Contribution to AIDS Research

AmfAR IS funded through multiple channels. Some of the most common sources include fundraisings and donations. The vast percentage of the funds collected are channeled to the research category.

AmfAR organizes an annual event to engage people in its research initiatives. The Cinema Against AIDS is one such event held yearly as a way to entertain the audience while also raising funds through the sale of tickets. Celebrities such as Donata Meirelles contribute towards the research function by donating various items which are auctioned to get the funds.

AmfAR aims at finding the cure for AIDS by 2020. Donata Meirelles is confident that through her donations the organization will be able to achieve its goal. Read more blogs:

Isabel dos Santos Contributions to a Stable Africa

Isabel dos Santos is — an established investor, a smart entrepreneur, and more importantly — a trained engineer. Five years ago. Forbes mentioned her in a list of the most influential people from Africa and the richest woman from Africa. For the last five years, her profile as an investor and an entrepreneur continues to grow — because of the following reasons.

Isabel is a hardworking individual in the world of business. According to Isabel dos Santos, working hard is critical and irreplaceable. However, her definition of work is different. She believes that work is a product of different things. First, understanding your market is a game changer in defining work. Second, Isabel believes that work is all the inputs an investor puts in a venture — whether directly or indirectly. Finally, she believes that working in teams is vital, for productivity and more importantly, for individual growth.

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Isabel dos Santos is one of the strongest believers in empowerment — especially using indigenous means. In a 2014 interview, she pointed out that agriculture is still one of the strongest economies in Africa, and she is working with different entities on agricultural projects. However, Isabel understands that working with women is more fulfilling because of these two reasons. First, women work in groups, and this organization is critical for bigger projects. Second, she is also keen on investing in projects that empower African women. Isabel believes that African women has the same potential as the African man — if given equal opportunities.

Isabel dos Santos also understands that in major projects, mentorships are vital. In her agricultural projects — with African women — Isabel uses the chance to educate the women on the importance of having futuristic views on projects. She is also keen on helping them to acquire some basic managerial skills. She believes that managerial skills on a larger scale will transform Africa in future. On her Twitter account, she points out that the main reason why she is successful is that some investment experts spent their time on her. Although her engineering background assists her to understand numbers and make a smart interpretation of numbers, mentorship programs shaped her view on investment. Visit:

How David McDonald Runs OSI Group

Being the chief operating officer of a major corporation is not easy. Leading a company that has pioneered an entire industry is one of this executive’s proudest moments. This executive is David McDonald. He is responsible for the leadership of OSI Group. This company may not be familiar to you but you may have been influenced by them without truly knowing it. The company gots its first big break when it began supplying meat for McDonald’s hamburgers. The executive came to the company about three decades ago. He began as a project manager right after graduating from college. He rose through the ranks to where he is today. Job promotions did not come easy but they came due to his work ethic, resilience and passion for the company. He has stood committed to this company for several years because he believes in the mission of the food production company.

David McDonald works on the day to day operations of the company. He makes sure the food production company remains relevant by being update with food trends, standards and demands. The company he leads is worth billions of dollars and is a major international food production company that handles food concepts, logistics and company acquisitions. His daily schedule can get very busy. However, he enjoys the hustle and bustle of what comes with running a billion-dollar brand. The future of the food production company is bright under the leadership of this executive. This executive has plans to execute the exact strategies needed for the company still please their customers.

Expansion is always a plan for the company.Acquiring smaller brands and expanding facilities will continue to have for the company. Becoming sustainable is a number one goal for OSI Group right now. David McDonald is a great example of what a leader is. He is committed to his company and passionate about making sure his company meets the needs of its customers. He is proud of what the company has achieved under his leadership. For other entrepreneurs, business people and executives his role at this company is an example of how to run a successful company.

OSI Food Solutions Group Success!

OSI food solutions group is a global food provider who provides food service in the best manner and presentation. OSI food solutions has the infrastructure, tools, knowedledge, and skill to produce high quality and flavorful foods to your desire. OSI food solutions also offers you food made with preciseness and custom options, culinary skill, knowledge on flavor, food safety, and food quality. For those looking for something unique and exquisite, they offer innovative foods that are created with passion, talent, and creativity. As they have grown into a successful company they have reached far and wide, beyond the United States with their reputable food through exportation.

In fact, according to some data recorded on March 7, 2018, OSI food solutions has grown very so swiftly that it now extends over 65 facilities around the world. This is a great achievement and success for OSI food solutions group. These facilities are distributed in 17 countries with 20,000 employees. Some of these countries include India, Austrailia, Spain, Philippines, China, North American countries, some European countries, and of course in the United States of America. News reaches us that the company has boldly increased poultry business with China, Europe, and the United States. OSI group is at the peak of success and takes responsibility and commitment very seriously upon themselves and their employees.

Even before hiring anyone, they are committed to making sure the person has the qualities, skills, and experience to join their team and create only the best. As for the facilities, machines, and everything used to create the amazing dishes, all the rules and regulations of each country as well as food safety should and shall be met. Arranged for the talented employees are work in safe conditions and a comfortable environment to bring out their creative ideas. Health and wellness is also taken into consideration when foods are prepared. Custom made foods can also be ordered from OSI food group to meet your needs. These are the vital and unbeatable qualities and reasons why OSI food group has become successful, expanded, and has connected with many throughout the world.

Nicolas Krafft: The Man Behind L’Oreal’s Success

Nicolas Krafft is the current International General Manager for Pulp Riot International. He has over fourteen years of experience in marketing and sales with L’Oreal, a cosmetic company that sells cosmetic products for women and men worldwide. Nicolas Krafft started as a product manager at L’Oreal professional, before rising to the top ranks of VP of Global Business Development and now to his extinguish general manager position of one of the brands of L’Oreal.

Founded in 1909 with its headquarters in Clichy, France, L’Oreal has diversified its portfolio into; skincare, hair-care products, makeup products, perfumes, nail care, styling and shaping products. It has various household brands under its belt, and I’m talking about Giorgio Armani, Carson, Urban Decay, L’Oreal Professional, Redken, Essie, Carita, Ralph Lauren all the way to Decleor brand names.

Over the years, L’Oreal has held several successful fashion and beauty shows, one of them being held on September 30th, on the river Seine in the heart of French capital. This is done to promote and showcase its new seasonal looks and reassuring its worldwide clients on its commitment to making fashion and beauty more accessible. The show was broadcast simultaneously in over thirty countries. This immensely helped L’Oreal reach out to the world. The event was graced by top-notch names, from fashion beauties such as Eva Longoria to silver screen queens and kings such as actor Nikolai Coster of Game of Thrones.

L’Oreal holds new looks in every specific setting, and during spring/summer 2019 fashion week was no different. L’Oreal’s global makeup artist Val Garland and her colleague Stephane Lancien, the global hair artist created seventy new hair and makeup looks for this particular show. Models Sonia Rykiel and Isabel Marant took to the runway to parade the latest collection. The unique floating catwalk took more than eight days to take down.

Nicolas Krafft successful business attributes range from launching new products lines, growing market share in challenging economic environments to discover and developing an international presence for L’Oreal-owned brands such as Matrix and Biolage.

Bennett Graebner on Producing Reality Shows

Bennett Graebner was born in Buffalo, NY, on 30th July 1971. He currently resides in Los Angeles and is married with two kids. He got married to his wife, Vanessa Aberman in 2003. He majored in English literature at Vassar College and received his MFA (film production) from the University of Southern California (USC). Bennett Graebner is a prominent producer popularly known for producing the Bachelor in 2002, the Bachelorette in 2003 and his latest show which debuted in 2016, Love at First Kiss.

The Bachelor, the Bachelorette, and Love at First Kiss are similar because the participants are there hoping to find love. The only difference is that the Bachelor and the Bachelorette involve following the participants for some months while Love at First Kiss deals with speed dating, things happen more quickly than in the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. For Bennett Graebner´s adaptaions in Love at First Kiss, the participants do not have time to get to know each other better before dating, after connecting on the first kiss they go to a two minutes date. They will later go to a real date if they still like each other after the speed date. Love at First Kiss seeks to match individuals (who would typically never date each other because of physical appearance) emotionally and intellectually to find out if they have a connection.

According to Bennett Graebner, creating a reality TV show involves the same concepts as creating a regular scripted film. It consists of telling similar kinds of narratives using the same types of procedures. For instance, the characters have to be great, the story has to flow, and there have to be things that make the narrative great such as drama, romance, conflict, and tension. However, the main difference between reality shows and television shows is that the former is not scripted and the producer has to deal with individuals who exist, and he/she cannot control what they do (EW).

With reality shows, even though people know how the show is formatted, each season is always different because it involves different people and the actions and scenes that happen on the show are usually unpredictable.

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Greg Blatt – Managing The Dating Websites And Apps

Greg Blatt is one of the influential executives in the United States. He is responsible for the growth of the online dating industry in the United States. Through his actions, the websites like Match Group and IAC, as well as Tinder, became successful. Back when he was just starting in the industry, he is trying to find out why people are using technology to look for a partner and not meeting them in person. Later on, Greg Blatt found out that the online dating industry is booming, and it is because people wanted to find out instant information about the person that they are talking to.

Everyone wanted to get what they want in an instant, and dating is no exception. People who have been using apps and websites like Match Group, IAC, and Tinder are successful with their goals. They found the person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with, thanks to the power of technology. Greg Blatt used brilliant ideas on how to transform online dating industry. Through hard work and determination he became a chief executive officer for the Match Group, IAC, and Tinder. From 2009 to 2017, he served the executive positions, and demonstrated how the online dating industry should be managed.

His first approach would be making it accessible to many people, and those who have tried using it for the first time are satisfied with how the system worked. Greg Blatt improved the user experience by improving the websites and apps, and releasing a series of updates that would resolve some of the most basic issues revolving the app  (

Then, he promoted it heavily. Many people have used the app to their advantage, and they found their ideal partners after hours of navigating through the app. Blatt changed the landscape of the industry, and without him, online dating websites and apps would not be successful.

Today, the Match Group, IAC, and Tinder are among the most popular dating apps around. People have been using it extensively to their advantage, and they are getting the full benefits of using the system to find their partners.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Finding Opportunity in Every Failure

The success story of Richard Liu Qiangdong is very unique. Unlike other successful entrepreneurs and leaders, his story is about learning from mistakes and turning failures into success. Richard knows how to persevere and his dedication to reaching his dreams is one of his strong notable qualities that makes him who he is today.

Born to a typical Chinese family engaged in a small business, Richard Liu Qiangdong was raised with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. When his grandmother was hospitalized, he wanted to help with the treatment and bills. So, he ventured into a restaurant business.

Since he was very busy he was only able to visit his business twice a week. His first venture failed but he learned a lot from this failure. He studied sociology in college but being competitive in nature he also self-studied computer science.

Richard saw the potential of the computer during that time and to further learn about it he does computer coding as his part-time job. After college, he worked as a Japanese company engaged in distributing nutritional supplements. He stayed in the company for several years and held various positions.

He resigned in 1998 and opened his second business venture. JingDong, derived after his name and his ex-girlfriend’s name was located in Beijing at the heart of sprawling retail business in China. The competition was tough since most stores were selling cheap and OEC products.

But Richard Liu Qiangdong understood his market better. Instead of selling similar products, he offered exclusive, genuine, and high-quality items. Customers loved it and several years later, Richard opened 12 more stores scattered all over key places in China.

Not long after, the SARS epidemic happened in the Southeast Asian country. People were afraid to go out of their homes for fear of contracting the respiratory disease. Soon, stores and malls in China resembled ghost towns.

Many businesses closed including the 12 additional stores opened by Richard Liu Qiangdong. However, instead of staying broken-hearted because of his business’ closure, Richard realized that the present dilemma also presents an opportunity for him to still offer his products to Chinese consumers. This time, however, he has to use a different medium, that is through online channels.

This is how JD. com was founded. Now, the company is one of the largest e-commerce companies in China working with different industries and big brands all over the world. From a simple brick and mortar store JD. Com is now an empire, thanks to the determination of its founder Richard Liu Qiangdong the company is not only helping the economy but is also actively giving back to communities.

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