Entrepreneurs in the current generation are not what they used to as compared to the past. An entrepreneur is supposed to be his/her own boss in business. For one to be a successful and professional entrepreneur, one should have the following traits;

  1. Develop the Art of Persisting In All of Your Endeavors

An entrepreneur who is persistent is likely to be successful. There are many challenges along the path to success, but those who do not give up at the first sign of trouble end up making it in their endeavors. You should find solutions to the problems that arise.

  1. Dedicate and Commit Yourself

It is known that investors and entrepreneurs find solutions to the challenges that they find along the way.Committed entrepreneurs find solutions the challenges that they encounter because life without challenges causes personal pain.

  1. Believe in the choices that you make

Successful entrepreneurs are strong in the choices that they make and the way they optimally do their things. You should also be flexible and change courses when it is needed. Entrepreneurs should also listen to advice from other entrepreneurs because a challenge shared can be solved successfully.

  1. Be creative

An entrepreneur should come up with new solutions and answers to the questions that have not been answered or asked yet. Entrepreneurs should be creative and able to react to issues that arose appropriately. Read more on

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar studied at the Sidwell Friends School that is located in Washington DC from the year nineteen ninety-seven until nineteen eight seven. He joined high school at The Peddie School In Hightstown NJ.He then graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A in Speech Communication.Mr.Lubar began his career in the mortgage industry in the year nineteen ninety-five at the well-known Crestar Mortgage Corporation till nineteen ninety-nine when he decided to resign. Lubar is the current president of TDL Global Ventures.

The company (under his leadership) has managed to rehabilitate and purchase from all types of family homes. Todd has cultivated relationships with people in the building sector thus making the company build the best homes in a very short period.Mr.Lubar personally believes that hard work is the key to success since it is hard work that has made him very successful. He respects every individual in his organization at all times. He believes that there are people who aspire to achieve big dreams and they will need someone like him to guide and advise them to attain their goals.Todd Lubar is also the Senior Vice President to Legendary Investments. Information sourced from


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