Morningstar and Lipper Awards Recognize Capital Group’s Affiliate American Funds in 2016

Capital Group and American Funds, its affiliate company is recognized in 2016 by Morningstar and Lipper Fund Awards for excellence. Such acknowledgments in the investment funds management industry aren’t easily earned and require years of expertise in system development and structure. Capital Group Companies, LLC is proving their ability to successfully manage and grow investments, with nearly 86 years of experience. Janet Yang, CFA published an article saying that the firm and its subsidiaries are one of the strongest stewards of investors’ capital. She attributed the firm’s overall success to Timothy Armour, other portfolio managers, and board members for their hard work.

In April of last year, American Funds received Grade A rating by Morningstar, and Capital Group won seven Lipper Funds Awards. Morningstar recognized American Funds for creating a driven corporate culture and structured multimanager system; and running a successful management firm. Its rating is the highest grade based on the firm’s ability to introduce new funds of funds and maintain reputable regulatory standards. Morningstar considers the history of management firms; fees and incentives of fund managers; and the quality of funds.

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Capital Group Companies, LLC isn’t a stranger to Lipper Fund Awards, for the firm has received honors three consecutive years. On March 22nd, Lipper honored eight funds in the American Funds Target Date Retirement Series as the Best Mixed Asset Target Funds. Seven funds were recognized for multiple time frames and one fund for a single period, according an announcement made by the company. Over the past sixty plus years, the historical investment management company is using the multimanager system, which is effective for their managers.

According to Janet Yang, the Capital Group implemented the multimanager investing system in the 1950’s, creating a culture and identity. Its structure is designed for 12 or more managers, analysts, and/or financial advisors to manage overall aspects of a fund portfolio. Their managers develop diverse and less volatile funds; and help investors remain in those funds through its term regardless of market conditions.  Capital Group and all their subsidiary companies are leading the industry for its funds and receiving honors for their hard work.

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Influenced to Influence

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruiter of Deutsche Bank, an entity with which she has been affiliated since 2014. Zuckerberg is an enthusiast about advancing conventional ways of talent acquisition. Zuckerberg can best be described as a person who is determined to bring about a change in the world, being a staunch believer in the fact that the most important driving force in a person is the blind faith that changing the world is the most important thing. This is reflected in the fact that she is extremely earnest about her field of work. Her hobbies include catching up with the latest technology, the main purpose of which is to increase the efficiency of the industry she works with by applying various aspects of modern technology. In addition to this, she likes to keep an active mind and body by running regularly. Other hobbies that she engages herself in during her spare time include art, photography, and trying out new things to eat, all of which compliment her artistic and creative nature. An advocate of animal welfare and human rights, she displays her soft nature and love for the living. She is also eager about the empowerment of underrepresented populations.


The vast and extensive knowledge that Zuckerberg possesses comes from an educational background consisting of Philosophy from the University of New York, Brooklyn. During her academic years, she decided to change courses and attended New York Law School, soon after which she landed in the field of talent acquisition.

As the saying goes, the experience is the best teacher, and Zuckerberg has proven this by accomplishing what she has by learning as much as she could from her years of working at influential and top positions. Her vast span of experience includes an extensive history of working for some of the biggest companies in New York. Currently working as an executive recruiter, she has also served as the lead and vice president of Deutsche Bank. Her affiliation with the bank dates back to November 2015. This professional experience helped her partner with leading business personnel to shape up recruitment plans and strategies. Having also gained experience by working in the position of a hiring manager, she dealt with and managed the entire hiring circle, and also served as managing director for recruitment from across the U.S. Her operational areas included compliance, finance, investor relations, audit, risk, legal, in-house consulting, regional management and global technology. The experience and knowledge that she amassed over the years enabled her to brainstorm ideas that, once she comes up with them, are then sourced by the hiring managers who come up with networking ideas and internal mobility methods. Her work history also includes working with some other independent firms to manage contract governance as well as business relations. This helped her achieve a timely and extensive sourcing of high-quality candidates who are also diverse in their nature of work.


Another post that she worked as was that of the Hiring Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President at a New York-based insurance company for four months, from November 2013 till February 2014. Additionally, she also attained a top position for Citi Global Consumer Bank as the Vice President and Executive Recruiter.

Throughout her professional years, Julie Zuckerberg has worked with a group of excellent mentors who helped her hone her skills and broaden her work horizons. Well-versed talent in management and team leadership, as well as human resource and employee training are her strongest points in her field of work, and it is these attributes that have lead her to achieve a successful personal and professional life.

World-Renowned Oncologist, Researcher And Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny

Oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny has committed his time, talent and ideas to research and sharing information to help find new ways to prevent, treat and cure cancer and illnesses that beset the aged. He passes on the information on medical breakthroughs and other examples of effective treatments through his work as an oncology professor with Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He also disseminates information from scholarly papers written by some of the world’s top physicians and researchers in Oncotarget, a weekly open source peer-reviewed journal he edits.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a graduate of First Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg. While there he earned an M.D. in internal medicine. He also completed a PhD in cardiology and experimental medicine on Shortly after graduation New York Medical College in Valhalla hired Blagosklonny as an associate professor of medicine. Next he became an Ordway Research Institute senior scientist. Blagosklonny excelled in the position and kept the job until 2009. At that point he began to work at Roswell Park Cancer Institute as an oncology professor.

The areas into which Blogosklonny does research include cancer and aging related illnesses and conditions. His work also focuses on targeted cancer therapies which prevent normal cells from being damaged during treatment, the mechanisms underlying aging as well as anti-aging drugs on He is known as a passionate advocate of the use of the cancer drug rapamycin in longevity research. Blagosklonny is also credited with a hypothesis related the possible role TOR signaling may play in aging and cancer and using rapamycin to help extend life for the elderly.

Blagosklonny is also involved in a wide range of editorial activities at He’s Oncotarget, Cell Cycle and Aging’s editor-in-chief. He’s also an associate editor with Cancer Biology & Therapy. In addition, Blagosklonny is a Cell Death & Differentiation editorial board member. He has published 275 research items and his work has been cited over 21,300 times. One of his articles was entitled:’Dual MTORC1/C2 inhibitors suppress cellular geroconversion’. Another was ‘Rapatar, a nanoformulation of rapamycin, decreases chemically-induced benign prostate hyperplasia in rats’. ‘Rejuvenating immunity: “anti-aging drug today” eight years later’ is another of Blagosklonny popular articles.

At Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York Blagosklonny works in the Department of Cell Stress Biology and is deeply involved in work related to Hematology, clinical trials and Oncology. He’s also an expert on signal transduction, phosphorylation, protein kinases and several other areas.

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